Sunday, February 21, 2016

#OperationTop5 Week 7: Can't Catch a Break

Well, I had an awesome week of training lined up this past week.  I finished my rehab program on Monday and was all set to start building my run mileage up when BOOM! A not so pleasant sinus cold smacked me up the side of the head.   Normally it doesn't take me that long to get over a cold but this one hung around for the better part of a week.  I didn't do a single thing until Friday morning when I went back to the pool.   Even then I didn't push it.  I still felt a bit wiped out during the day on Friday but I had a solid nights sleep that night and Saturday morning I woke up feeling almost 100% better.

So suffice to say this week was pretty uneventful since I spent most of it sick.  I managed to get another blog post up this week (wahoo!) and I also got totally hooked on Breaking Bad.   It only took me until the end of Season Two, haha.   Now I absolutely need to know how it all pans out!

We've had spectacular weather this past weekend.  It was 11 degrees celsius yesterday and 8 when I went out for my run today.  It was a nice little taste of spring but that's going to change this week.  It's back to winter.  Boo.  Only one more month until we're off to Florida!

Anyway, I'm linking up with Tricia and Holly for their Weekly Wrap!

Monday:  7.3km run - the end of my rehab running!

Tuesday:  Sick

Wednesday:  Sick

Thursday:   Felt better but not better enough to work out.

Friday:  Went back to the pool!   2100m done!

Saturday:  Finally back to 100%.  Went to the gym and did 60 minutes of strength work with my trainer, then I got on the bike and did a 2 hour ride.

Sunday:  3100m swim followed by my first "long" run.  8.6km in the books!

This is the face of a very happy lady!
My coach has my entire next month mapped out and next week I've got another FTP test on the bike.  Oh boy.  That's essentially 20 minutes of going as hard as possible on the bike.  Not really enjoyable but coach wants to test my power again to see if I've made any improvements over the last 8 weeks so we shall see!

Anyway, that's my not so exciting week!

How was your week?  Have you watched Breaking Bad?

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