About Me

A Little Bit About Me

My friends say I am a bit of a freak. I'd say I'm a dreamer with a type A personality. A woman of much contradiction who was probably a sailor in another life.  A triathlete who loves to run and has been learning to love the water.  I'm a lover of Rush, the original Top Gear, good for me food, good beer & BBQ, not necessarily in that order.  I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle but I also get that it's all about balance.  Sometimes you just need that glass of wine.  One of my favourite post race eats is a juicy burger & a pint of beer.  Carbs, protein & fluid replenishment - perfect!

I live, love and run in the south west end of Toronto, Ontario.

I am a FitFluential & Sweat Pink ambassador.   I'm also an NAASFP certified running coach and an NCCP Trained Triathlon Coach.  Healthy living and helping others is right up my alley. 

My Running Story

I started running over 15 years ago.  At the time, I was slightly overweight and in an unhealthy relationship.  I was miserable and I needed to do something.   I had a background in soccer as a mid fielder so I figured that running would be the easiest thing for me to do.  All I needed was a pair of shoes and the will to get out the door.  It wasn't easy but I stuck with it.  There are no words to even begin to describe what running has brought to my life.  It has taken me places both mentally and physically that I never thought I'd go.  I've met some amazing people, many that have become life long friends, one that became my partner for life.  Every run is a new learning experience.  Running has helped me get through some incredibly difficult times in my life.  I am eternally grateful that I had the courage to take that first step. 

Why I Blog:  I've been blogging since 2006 when I started a blog while training for my first Ironman.  It was a way for people to see just what goes in to training for an event like that.  It was also a way for my family and friends to keep tabs on me.   I started a second blog when I did Ironman #2.  After every big race, I always write a race report so a blog seemed like a logical place to do that so I started yet another blog with all my race reports.  Those 3 blogs have since been archived.   I started this blog when I started my quest to run a sub 1:40 half marathon at the age for 40 after a 2 year "athletic hiatus".  Somewhere along the way, I found my stride and I crushed that goal.  I also had the best year of racing I've ever had.  I also found that I missed writing.  So what started off as "The 1:40 at 40" has evolved into Blisters and Black Toenails.

I love to race.  I have a no holds barred approach to racing.  For me it's a chance to test my limits.  In order to race, I need to train.  Thankfully I enjoy that as well.  It's become so much a part of my life that's it's just habit now.  It's just what I do.  Sure some folks think I'm nuts but whatever, different strokes for different folks right?

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert, the thoughts and opinions expressed on here are my own.  Even after 15+ years of pounding the pavement, I'm still learning.  That's what keeps me going.  I want to share my passion and what I've learned.  If sharing what has worked for me helps someone along way then I'm a happy woman.  This blog is my wee bit of space on the world wide web to share my stories, thoughts, dreams, rants & the occasional recipe.

Thanks for stopping by!

Running to the finish at the Toronto Women's 8km, Oct 2011