Monday, November 30, 2015

Counting Down the Days

I love 4 day weekends.  I wish I had a 4 day weekend every weekend.  But alas, someone decided that 5 day work weeks should be the norm.  Idiot.  But I digress.   I didn't get to blogging much last week because things were busy and to be honest, my brain just needed to decompress a bit.  I was even fairly quiet on Instagram as well.  G and I had a nice 4 days off.  It was a good combination of active and lazy which is just what I needed.  We went mountain biking, did some hot yoga and visited with family.  It was lovely.  I am counting down the days until Christmas when I'll have another week and a bit off.  But first I'll have to get through 3 weeks of insanity.  This time of year is usually always crazy.  People want to spend the rest of their advertising budgets so they look at shooting some photography.  Because the Christmas season isn't hectic enough, ha ha. 

Anyway, I had hoped to get a few more workouts in but I was feeling a little worse for wear this past week.  My knees were still kind of bothering me so I didn't push things too much.  I'm heading to my first shockwave appointment tomorrow so I'm crossing my fingers things start to improve after that.

This how my week rolled out:

Monday: 1700m swim
Tuesday:  6.7km run, 45 minutes of strength work in a.m. Icy sidewalks made for a "fun" run.   60 minute ride in p.m. with G. 

Couples computrainer time
 Wednesday:  1800m swim - almost ALL stroke work.

Thursday:  8.6km run and an hour long mountain bike ride.  We went to Hilton Falls which was PERFECT for me.  Flat single track with lots of turns and a little bit of rocks.  Turns are my problem so getting to work on them without having to worry about climbing or descending was great!

Friday:  75 minutes of hot yoga
Saturday:  OFF
Sunday: 1h 50 minute ride at Watts Up.  It was a test week so we did 4x 3 minutes at max power.  Max power being the highest amount of power you could hold for 3 minutes.  I always go out too hard on things like this so this time I started conservatively.  I managed an average power of 208 for the first set, 226 for the second set, 234 for the third set and then I brought out the shovel and dug deep and found 237 for the last set.  I think it's time I got my FTP tested again, ha ha because I'm pretty sure it's higher than my current 216w.  I'm happy to say I rode the entire time with NO fan either.  Sure I was a soaked sweaty mess by the end but I worked through the discomfort of being really hot at the start. 

Total time 8h 36 minutes.

I'm hoping to get back to yoga again this week.  I felt great after Friday's class and my knees felt a lot better, which was nice.

Tomorrow is the first Tuesday of the month so you know what that means?!  It's the final installment of Tri Talk Tuesday for 2015!  Tomorrow we're talking Christmas gifts! So tune in tomorrow for that if you're looking for things to add to your list, ha ha.

How was your week of workouts?

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