Monday, November 9, 2015

Bike, Bike and More Bike

Another weekend over, another Monday here.  Last week was crazy.  Work exploded and I had to remember how to do my job, ha ha.  I have two shoots scheduled this week so it looks like I'll be giving myself an "easy week".   Which is fine by me.  This week was pretty big time wise.  I'm fully entrenched in base work, with the exception of my weekend mountain bike outings.  There is nothing base about that type of riding.  But I'm not out for that long (60-90 minutes) and there is a fair bit of stopping and starting.  G and I hit the trails in Albion Hills this weekend.  It's much more challenging to ride there than Durham Forest.  I did a lot of climbing.  I went on one single track path that kind of stressed me out.  But I got through most of it on my bike.  I walked through a few parts that made me really nervous but got right back on my bike and started riding again.   Baby steps.  I am doing much better than I was last year and that's what matters.  When we got home I took my new running shoes out for another little spin.  I bought a pair of Altra Torin 2.0.  I wore them for a run on Thursday morning and I felt weird.  My feet felt like they were actually engaged and working, which is good, but my knees hurt and my legs felt a little sloppy.  I wore them for my gym workout afterwards as well.  They're great gym shoes for sure.  I had expected more from my run on Thursday so I was a bit concerned.  Turns out those concerns got put to rest with my short little jaunt on Saturday.  My knees felt totally fine.  My form felt better, dare I say, smoother even....!  So I am hopeful that these shoes will be good for me once my body gets used to them.

Saturday night was the "Sporty Spice" girls night out.  I drove out to Oakville to meet up with Sam, Irina, Kim, Nicole, Emma and a whole bunch of other ladies I know from social media / running / triathlon.  Now THAT was a lot of fun.   I talked so much I lost my voice by the end of the night, ha ha.  We were asked to bring our medal from our favourite race this year.  I had a hard time picking one but I settled on Muskoka 70.3 because I raced with G and one of my good friends and I knew so many other people that were racing, it just ended up being a super fun day / weekend.  Scotiabank was a very close second for the very same reasons.

Group shot courtesy of Kim!
Yesterday I made it to my Sunday swim.  It was all fly drills, then fly and free so I managed 1800m before I pulled the pin.  My back is still somewhat tight and all that dolphin kick did a number on my so I got out early.  Which is just as well since I was going to be doing a long ass trainer ride when I got home.  It was my final test ride of the Watts Up Home Cycling program.  I've thoroughly enjoyed using this program so watch for a review later on this week.

This is how this past weekend rolled out.  I'm finally getting back into a regular routine again.  I seem to be having a hard time getting to yoga though.  Another week gone by and no yoga.  This week I probably won't have time until the weekend.  C'est la vie.

Monday:  2000m swim
Tuesday:  60 minute strength session in a.m.  60 minute trainer ride in p.m.
Wednesday:  2450m swim
Thursday:  5km run in the Altra's - my first real run since Scotia + a 50 minute strength workout

Friday:  OFF
Saturday:  1h 10 minute mountain bike ride + 2.4km run in the Altra's.

Sunday: 1800m swim + 1h 50 minute trainer ride / sweat fest.  I've stopped using the fan to cool me down when I ride.  I'm trying to get my body used to the heat.  I think that was part of the problem with Eagleman this year.  I wasn't ready for the heat.  If I can ride inside with no fan over the course of the winter,  I think it will be somewhat helpful when I get outside.  Especially if Tremblant ends up being hot.   I plan on trying to "train hot" as much as possible with this round of training.  We'll see how that works for me come summer time.

It should be noted that I rode FOUR TIMES this week.  FOUR.  And only ran TWICE.  WHO AM I?  
 How was your weekend?  Did you get out and enjoy the AMAZING weather?

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