Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Sunday Ritual, A Mile & Another Busy Week

Another weekend is almost over and I hardly feel like I've had time to breathe, let alone relax.  Last week was a crazy week at work and I spent all day Friday on location at a farm.  I didn't get home until almost 7:30 pm, then we went right back out to a friends place for dinner.  I finally collapsed into bed around midnight.  I didn't want to sleep in too late on Saturday because I had a 32km run scheduled.  I dragged my butt out of bed around 7:30 am and I finally got out the door around 9:30 am.  The run started off really well but then I started to fall apart around the 26km point.  I don't think I hydrated well enough.  I toughed it out and finished with a slight negative split.  Not bad for a hilly run.  Then it was off to a neighborhood art show (bought another small painting) then it was off to the Running Room to spend my winnings from last weeks half marathon.   I've stocked up on GU and Roctane so I should be good for the next little while.  After that, it was time for the highlight of the weekend: The West Toronto Pacers First Annual Beer Mile.
We had a great turnout.  About 20 people, including some non-members.  What a blast.  Apparently the beer I chose wasn't "legal".  It was 5% but the bottle size was only 341ml instead of 355ml.  So I had to dig through the coolers to find some "legal" cans.   I found 2 cans of Steam Whistle and opted to drink those in conjunction with the ones I had brought.  Almost everyone else was drinking 330ml cans.  I had some technical issues opening my first can which put me back a lot.  I was one of the last people to actually start running.  That first lap wasn't too bad.  Lots of burping.  The worst part was my legs.  After 32km I didn't have much spring in my step.  The second lap wasn't too bad either and I was actually able to pick up speed.  The third lap was when it started to go downhill.  And the 4th lap was just plain ugly.  I didn't even make it through my 4th beer.  I think I drank 2/3 of it.  So gross.
By the time I crossed the finish line I was pretty drunk.  I actually had to lie down.   My final time was just over 12 minutes.  My friend Kiki took a hilarious shot of me curled up with my head on someones knapsack and an open can of beer in my hand.  But I made it through without puking and I was able to walk.  I probably could have walked to the pub but since Gary drove, I got a ride.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and it will now become an annual event.  So I've now got one more thing to train for next year.
Pre Beer Mile:  Busting out the Festive Head Gear.

Me and my Non Compliant Beer. 
Finally Done.  I totally felt like dying.
Getting hugs from the Women's Winner.
Drunk faces.
I was exhausted after yesterday's activities.  We got back from the pub and I was in bed asleep by 8:30 pm.  I felt like I was coming down with a cold so I figured I good solid nights sleep would help.  I slept till 6:30 am.  I debated skipping my Sunday swim but since I have to be at work for 6:30 am tomorrow, that means I'm missing my Monday swim.  So, I dragged my butt out of bed and made it to the pool.  Nothing like a tough pool workout to totally tire you out.  I swam 3300m this morning in about 1:15:00.  Now I'm completely exhausted.  

This coming week is going to be much like last week.  Super busy.  It's also a short week for me.  We're closing on Friday for the Thanksgiving long weekend.   I still have a few burgers left in the freezer + some leek and mushroom soup that I made last week.  I need to replenish our veggies though, they are running low.  Next weekend I'll actually take the time to get some good solid food prep done.  This week, I'm going back to my breakfast fritatta except this time around I'm going to make little individual ones in my muffin tin.  We'll see how that works out.  I'm also going to cut up some veggies to bring with me to location tomorrow so I make sure that I've got some healthier options for snacking.  I did ok on Friday although I did end up indulging in chips later on in the day.  So other than my snacks, it's going to be a week of winging it.  I'm more than likely going to be very late tomorrow night, Tuesday night I'm running, Wednesday night I've got a massage scheduled after work and Thursday night we're out for dinner for a friends birthday so Friday night will probably be the first night all week that I actually make dinner.  That's what I'd call a busy week!

Sorry I'm not posting any recipes today.  I've decided to save that for tomorrow.  Given that tomorrow is October first, I figured I'd start off the Month of the Pumpkin with a recipe featuring that glorious orange gourd.  In fact, every Monday throughout the month of October, I will be featuring one of my many favourite pumpkin recipes so be sure to come back for those!

What sort of craziness do you guys get up to this weekend?  

Beer Mile pics courtesy of Carmen Schwalm and Kiki Cloutier.

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Kaisa said...

Tell me more about this beer mile thing, is it just one mile during which you have to drink how many (4?) beers? Sounds puketastic! ;)