Saturday, September 22, 2012

Let's Go Racing!

Well folks, tomorrow will be the first long distance race I've done since May.  The G-Man and I are doing the Oakville Half Marathon.  Usually I get a little nervous the day before but today I'm remarkably calm.  Probably because I have absolutely no expectations.  This is just a test to see where I'm at.   I'm not trying to go out and set a PB.  I'm going to take this opportunity to practice my race day fueling strategy for NYC and enjoy doing what I love to do:  push myself. 
My legs have been feeling great this week.  I've had two really solid training runs and I've taken today off so my legs should be nicely rested for tomorrow.  I'm really looking forward to letting loose.  I've got 25km scheduled which is perfect.  I'll do a 4km warm up and then be ready to race.  It's supposed to be quite cold tomorrow so I've dug out the throw away gloves and my Team RF arm warmers.  I'll be sticking with my tried and true CWX tri-shorts, my Compressport calf sleeves, my fitted New Balance t-shirt and my Team RF singlet.  That should be just perfect.

And of course, I'll be wearing my awesome purple Mizunos.  Here's hoping for a very Mezamashii run.


Abby said...

Your Mizunos are so cute. I love that color. What style are they? I wear Wave Creations and love them.

Phaedra Kennedy said...

I know!! As soon as I saw they were available in purple, I had to have them! They are the wave rider 15's. My first pair was just plain white with silver and a bit of light mauve, then I saw these babies and it was love at first sight!