Sunday, January 17, 2016

#OperationTop5 Week 2: Laying the Foundation

What a monster of a weekend.  My body is sore.  Actually more specifically my glutes and hamstrings are sore.  My new trainer is really working my legs and glutes.  I met with him yesterday and we did a few new exercises.  I really felt it when I got up this morning and had to do a kick set in the pool.  Ouch.  But I know in a few weeks time things won't hurt so much and I will be that much stronger.

I had a pretty darn good week of training.  I felt a little fatigued on Thursday but that changed as the day went on and by the time I got home from my CPR course, I felt good.  My swim dedication has continued which is great and I'm now up to 3 minutes of running!  Woohooo!  My knees feel the bigger days for sure but for the most part they're pretty good.  I used to have pain in my right knee when I was swimming but I don't have it at all any more which is great.  My left knee gets a bit sore when I run but I think it may have something to do with my Morton's neuroma on that foot.  I'm going to experiment with some inserts and see what works.  

I haven't been great about meal planning, especially for dinner but surprisingly we only ate out once and that was our Friday night treat night at Woody's.   I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible with dinners.  I've been better with my lunches.  The last couple of weekends I've prepped several things and put them in the freezer so I've got a few different items to choose from.  I've been leaning towards more plant based foods as of late, mainly for lunches.  I find that my energy level stays relatively consistent throughout the day when I eat a plant based lunch.  I'm also trying to cut back on my sugar consumption.  I used to have 2 sugars in my morning Americano now I have one.   If I want something sweet in the afternoon, I have a couple of dates.  That seems to satisfy my sweet tooth.   Just like training your body, you can also train your tastebuds.  We just don't always like to do that, ha ha.  I don't eat a lot of sugar but I could definitely be a bit better.

Anyway, I'm linking up with HoHoRuns and Mississippi Piddlin for their Weekly Wrap up.  It's a chance for everyone to share their triumphs and trials in training.  This is how my week rolled out:

Monday:  5.53km run
Tuesday:  OFF
Wednesday:  3050m swim + 5.75km run in the snow.

Thursday:  60 minute strength session followed by a 6.35km run in the a.m.  75 minute ride in the p.m.  That was killer.  As evidenced by my pain face.  I have mad selfie skills, ha.

Friday:  2250m swim

Saturday:  3.84k run, followed by a 2 hour Computrainer ride (I watched Ex Machina), followed by 60 minutes of lower body strength work with my trainer.  I was EXHAUSTED after this.

Sunday:  3000m swim + 4.46km run + 30 minutes of upper body & core work

Total time:  11h 49 minutes.   That is the most volume I've had in over 3 months.   I swam 8300m, ran just under 26km and rode 94.5km this week.  For someone who isn't really running the way I normally would I'm pretty pleased with the fact that I've actually covered 26km this week!  I'm almost done week 5 of my 8 week program.  3 more weeks and then *hopefully*  I'm able to start building up my run mileage. Fingers crossed!

How was your week of training?  Do you plan your meals or do you wing it?  Link up with HoHoRuns and Mississippi Piddlin to share your adventures!

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