Monday, January 4, 2016

Here We Go: 2016 Goals + Weekly Wrap Up

Four days in to 2016 and I'm LOVING this year so far.   I was going to wait to publish this post but things have been moving along so smoothly I decided to hell with it, let's put this out on the interwebs now.  I hope I don't jinx myself!!

Normally I have a few goals every year.  I think the reason I classified last year as "meh" is because I wasn't really excited about any of my goals.  I put them out there because I felt like I needed something to shoot for, something to keep me accountable.  I didn't feel really challenged or genuinely excited by last year's goals.   They were enough to keep me motivated but they didn't fire me up enough to get me really focused and excited.  I felt like I went through the motions of training last year.  With the exception of my rides with Morning Glory of course.   This year things will be different.  This year, I'm going all in.

For once I don't have several goals.  I have one:  Crack the top 5 in my AG at the 70.3 distance at Mont Tremblant.  I was 10th at Luxembourg 70.3 with a 5:09 in a super strong European field.  Last year I landed in 11th at Eagleman 70.3 with a 5:26.   Obviously a lot of this depends on my competition so I have to be ready to crank out at least a sub 5:15 70.3, based on last year's results.

I knew that this was not going to be an easy task and that I'd have to bring my A++ game in all 3 disciplines, but especially the bike given the hills on the Tremblant course.  So I've joined forces with superstar triathlete and road cyclist, Paolina Allan and she will be putting me through my paces this

Suffice to say I'm SUPER EXCITED.

Which brings me to my last week of workouts.  I slacked off a fair bit over the last couple of weeks, especially with my swimming and strength work.  I got back into the pool yesterday and will be getting back into my swim routine this week.   Good thing because my bathing suit was starting to get  a bit too snug!

Monday:  60 minute ride, 5km run

Tuesday:  20 minutes of physio work & core

Wednesday: 5.1km run, 55 minute ride

Thursday:  5.47km run

Friday:  5.8km run

Saturday:  75 minute ride including a 5 minute + a 20 minute TT to determine my FTP.  Holy smokes was that ever hard.  My FTP has gone down a little bit from where it was in April of 2014.  I was at 216, now I'm at 209.  I'm a-ok with that as I know that's going to change pretty quickly.

Sunday:  3300m swim + 6.2km run

Total time:  7h 59 minutes.  Not bad for a "slacker" week.  I am chomping at the bit to get back into a routine.  The holidays were not kind to my waistline.  But that's ok, I expect that over the Christmas holidays.  Now it's time to get back to business with my workouts and my food.

Speaking of food / nutrition, keep your eyes peeled on Instagram for an exciting contest I'll be running tomorrow!

How were your holidays?  Did you go out for New Year's or stay in?  We went out for dinner and then came home at watched Jessica Jones, then tuned in to Dick Clark's NYE Celebration, watched the ball drop and then went to bed.  It was a much quieter evening than previous years and I was a-ok with that.  

What are your 2016 goals?

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