Monday, June 1, 2015

T is for T-A-P-E-R

Wow, June 1st already.  13 days till Eagleman.  We did our last big workout yesterday in the pouring rain.  It was brutal.  If Eagleman ends up being 10 degrees and rainy, we'll be ready!   Well, as long as I get my back / sciatic nerve issues sorted out.   I had a decent ride yesterday but there was sciatic pain for most of it.  My run was awful.  I had sciatic pain for the entire run.  I had to stop and stretch twice and it got so bad in the 8km that I ran, that I ended up favouring my right leg so my left leg did all the work and started to cramp up by about 7km.  I am not going to be able to run a half marathon like that.  No way.  I have to get this sorted out ASAP.

My back and sciatic nerve bothered me all week long so I didn't get the volume in that I was hoping for.  I still managed to nail a couple of solid workouts though so that's a plus.  I also got some fit adjustments done to my bike and that seems to have helped my back immensely.  My power also seems to be back so that's good.  I'd like to say things are looking up but I'll wait until I see my chiropractor tomorrow for the verdict on this nerve pain.

I've got my first race of the season this Saturday - the Woodstock Sprint.  I don't have high hopes for a race like I had last year.  My running off the bike isn't even remotely close to where it was last year but I'm still going to give 'er.  It will be my first open water swim of the season and I'm actually debating on whether or not to use my new wetsuit.  I haven't been able to get in open water yet to try it out and the last thing I want to do is try it out for the first time in a race! I need to be comfortable as I'm always really apprehensive about the swim as it is.  I don't want to be dealing with breaking in a new wetsuit either.  I may try to get out to the Quarry one morning this week to do a swim, we'll see.

Anyway, this how my last "big" week of training panned out.

Monday:  OFF
Tuesday:  60 minute ride with power ups in the a.m. + a wicked humid 10km tempo in the p.m.
Wednesday:  2100m swim.

Thursday:  60 minute ride with power intervals.  Followed by an absolutely horrible 3km run. 

Friday:  2200m swim

Saturday:  OFF.  We had my aunt's internment at 1:30 and we were out very late the night before so Saturday morning was a write off for any kind of activity.

Sunday:  87km on the bike in the POURING rain and cold, followed by an 8.5km where I saw a coyote.  Yeah, needless to say that km was the fastest of the bunch, ha ha.

That's it.  That's all she wrote.  I feel woefully under prepared for this race, in comparison to last year.  I'm questioning whether this was even a good idea given I've been re-habbing knee problems that have now ballooned into other issues.  I said to G the other day that I haven't felt this broken in a long time.  I'm hoping the taper heals the niggles and that I get this sciatic business sorted out.  I've already accepted the fact that I won't be toeing the line 100% healthy.  But whatever, I think I'm more excited about the facebook group meet up the day before and the fact that I'm finally going to get to meet one of my Tri Talk Tuesday co-hosts!!  Cynthia is also doing the race!  We're going to take over your IG feed on the Saturday, ha ha. 

Speaking of Tri Talk Tuesday, it's that time of the month again!  Tune in tomorrow when we talk about TRANSITIONS! Just in time for race season!


Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

I'm so sorry to hear about that sciatic pain! I hope you get it all sorted out after the race. How fun that you get to meet Cynthia--I love meeting other bloggers!

Good luck and I can't wait for all the pix in my IG feed!

Meredith said...

Don't forget you will also get to meet me!! And I'm bringing Berger cookies. And beer. :-)

Hope your issues get sorted out prior to race day but it's still a beautiful course and you'll enjoy your visit to Maryland.