Friday, February 20, 2015

Where Did the Time Go? Happy Blogiversary!

In the FOUR (yes, four) years I've been writing this blog, this is the FIRST time I've actually "celebrated" my Blogiversary!  I don't have any crazy giveaway or anything planned, just a short little retrospective of my 4 years on the Interwebz.  

I started this blog to chronicle my journey to running a sub 1:40 half marathon just after turning 40.  I was coming out of a pretty dark period in my life and was just starting to get back into running in a big way.  It was originally called the 1:40 at 40.  I hit that goal (smashed it actually) and contemplated stopping the blog.  But people seemed to like it and I enjoy writing so, I figured the next logical step would be a rename.  That was how Blisters and Black Toenails came to be.

With the name change came a lot more traffic.  Obviously the title strikes a chord with most runners, ha ha.  Over the years I've written countless race recaps, gear reviews, some pieces on training and specific workouts as well as a few more introspective and dare I say, "artistic" pieces.  It's something I've come to really enjoy and it never feels like work, which is a good thing!  

The best part of all of this Blog business are the relationships I've built and the people I've met because of it.  If I hadn't opted to put myself out there, I can pretty much guarantee I wouldn't have met half the people I interact with now.  The internet has made this great big world of ours a much smaller place, easily connecting people with similar interests with the click of a mouse.  As much as people slag technology and the internet, I can honestly say that it's added a whole new dimension to my life.  If it wasn't for the internet, I know I wouldn't be coaching half the people I'm coaching.

Looking back over the last four years of my life,  I'm really proud of what I've accomplished.  When I started this blog, I never imagined that I'd be capable of doing some of the things that I've done (a marathon P.R at Boston that STILL has me gobsmacked).  I think writing this blog has definitely helped to keep me focused and motivated and as long as I continue to swim, bike & run, I will continue to write about it.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my ramblings.  Here's hoping that one day our paths may cross in real life.  In the meantime, I'm going to go get myself a cupcake to celebrate!  


Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

I love following your blog and your races! You inspire me! I hope some day we get to meet!

congrats on 4 years of putting it out there!

Marilyn said...

I love reading your blog posts, Phaedra.

Kristen said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! It's been so great getting to know you and following along in your world... my speedy friend. Maybe someday we'll actually cross paths at a race!

Phaedra Kennedy said...

Thanks Wendy!! You inspire me too! I do hope that our paths cross soon!
Marilyn, thank you SO much - you've been reading along since day one pretty much and I can't thank you enough! :)
Kristen - Thanks - it's been great getting to know you too birthday twin! I do hope we get to meet at some point!

Unknown said...

I love this recap - what a great way to look back on all the good things that have happened throughout your writing and running and everything else!

Unknown said...

Happy Blogiversary! If it weren't for blogging, we'd never have met!

Kelsey said...

Happy Blogiversay Phaedra! Cool to learn some of the history of your blog since I'm a newer follower. Here's hoping we run into each other on the Ontario tri/running scene soon!