Thursday, February 19, 2015

Making a Difference with Some Pumped Up Kicks

I'm a shoe lover.  I'm also incredibly practical.  Except maybe when it comes to running shoes (but what runner is!?).  But my everyday shoes are all very similar.   I don't work in a typical business environment so I'm not required to wear a suit and heels every day (thank goodness, I think my feet would hate me and I'd probably also be broke given my love of nicely tailored things).  So I essentially live in some kind of flat, the occasional wedge sandal and boots.  Lots and lots of boots. 

A few weeks ago the folks at MADE (M4D3) contacted me about some shoes they were producing.  Of course I was intrigued!  MADE stands for Make A Difference Everyday.  I was immediately taken with their initiative.  MADE is a social enterprise that focuses on creating product with a purpose.  They partner with "impactful personalities, artists and aid organizations to raise funds and help create social change." 
From their press release:  Headquartered in New York, M4D3 products use the collective power of the community to create positive change in the world, directly supporting partner aid agencies and foundations, including Plan International USA. M4D3 footwear is manufactured by a global leader who produces over 55 million pairs of shoes annually for many well known international brands. M4D3 is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, established by President Bill Clinton to create and implement innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.

This first collection is called The Plan and a portion of the proceeds go towards The Plan International: Because I am a Girl.    The awesome folks at MADE sent me two pairs of shoes to test out.   The Shanna Lace up and the Tessie slip on.  They are both incredibly comfortable and super cute.  I've been wearing the Shanna's around the house because, well, it's -1 million degrees out!  The shoes retail for $60 a pair. 

They already have another collection in the works that is going to be designed by Mo'ne Davis, the 13 year old Little League superstar.   Last summer, 13-year-old Davis became the first girl in history to win a game at the Little League World Series. She is the youngest athlete to ever appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated and was named SI's "Sportskid of the Year.”  Pretty darn amazing if you ask me.  Her collection will launch in a few months and I can't wait to see what it looks like. 

MADE is also engaging the public by asking "What's Your Cause"?  If there is a particular cause that you support, you can fill out this form and they will let you know when there is a collection available that supports your cause or something similar.  Pretty cool! 

I'm looking forward to seeing what other partnerships they come out with down the road!

What cause would you suggest?

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macnic said...

Neat initiative. Obviously, I'd support Make a Wish.