Monday, October 6, 2014

Not That I'm Counting or Anything....

But it's been just over two weeks since I've run.  Do I miss it?  Kind of.  But I have to admit, I'm enjoying the free time.  In all honestly, I'm feeling a little bit of fear in regards to running.  Could I go out and run right now?  Absolutely, my legs feel like a million bucks.  Would it be pain free?  I don't know.  I'd like to think so but I'm not 100% sure.  If it's not, I know I'll be really upset.  Not to mention frustrated and worried.  That's what's keeping me from stepping out.  Oh and the fact that I promised myself I'd take more than a couple of weeks off.  I don't like to break promises, even if they are ones I've made to myself, ha ha.

On the plus side, the over use symptoms have gone.  I don't have any soreness or tightness in my knees any more.  Going and up and down stairs is a breeze.  For the most part.  I'm still having that weird sharp-ish pain upon extension.  I never know when it's going to happen, it just does.  So, just because my legs feel great, doesn't mean it's time for me to lace up my shoes just yet.  There's still some work to be done, starting with my first pilates session this coming Wednesday!

I had a 90 minute massage / ART session last Thursday that actually left me a bit sore BUT, feeling much more limber.  Until I went and slept funny on Thursday night, woke up Friday feeling a bit tight through my shoulders then somehow managed to pinch a nerve in my neck while combing my hair in the shower.   It wouldn't be the first time that sort of thing has happened to me.  Friday was tough as I couldn't turn my head to the left and certain movements really hurt.  I stretched and put heat on it Friday night and changed my pillow to something more supportive.  I got up at 4:00 am and took a Robaxacet.  That seemed to help.  So, I went out for a 60km bike ride.  That did NOT help.  I felt ok after the ride but by the end of the day on Saturday my right side was in a lot of pain.  I had hoped to swim or do something on Sunday but it was spent lying around in my pj's with the heating pad on my neck.  I did some moderate stretching, had a hot bath, took another Robaxacet and then proceeded to scour the Ironman website for a 70.3 to do next year.

Clearly I have a problem.

But we all know that...that's why this blog is subtitled: Adventures of a Racing Junkie.  

Anyway, now that things have gotten back to some semblance of normal at work, I've eased back into my regular routine.   Here's how last week went down:

Monday:  2400m swim - first one in 10 days and I didn't drown!
Tuesday:  90 minutes strength & mobility.
Wednesday:  1950m swim.  I died. 
Thursday:  90 minutes strength & mobility
Friday:  was going to swim but opted to sleep in.
Saturday:  60km bike ride.  Beautiful day for a ride but wow, did it ever hurt.  That's what happens when you take 3 weeks off!
Sunday:  OFF

Total time:  7h 8 minutes.  Not bad!  I usually aim for 8-10 hours of physical activity a week so I'm not too far off.   If we have more weekends like this past one, I'll be spending some quality time with my bike.

The all important coffee stop!

Perfect day for a ride!
How was your week of workouts? 


Krysten Siba Bishop said...

Sounds like you are doing all the right things and listening to your body. Somethings that is always easier said than done. Way to keep that promise!!!

Phaedra Kennedy said...

It's been a tough go for sure! I ran yesterday for the first time in almost 3 weeks. It was awesome but I still think I need a bit of time before I get back to it regularly.