Monday, October 13, 2014

Getting my Gobble On & A Weekly Re-cap

I finally feel like everything is starting to get back to normal.  I'm slowly building my training volume back up, working on my mobility and I'm starting to feel strong again .  The best part?  I reintroduced running back into my life.  As much as I want to go nuts and run #allthemiles, I know better.  I'll gradually go back to running 3 times a week but for now they'll only be short runs.  I'm ok with that.  Some running is better than NO running, right?

I diced things up a bit this week with my first pilates session and some hot yoga.  One thing I've learned...Moksha Flow and my knee don't get along.  So, if I'm going to do any more yoga, it's going to be at a much slower pace, until my knee issues get completely sorted out. 

We've had some fabulous fall weather this past weekend so of course we opted to get out on our bikes, twice.  Gotta earn and burn that turkey and pumpkin pie!  Speaking of which, we had a huge family gathering at my parents place yesterday.  16 people and so. much.  food.   My cousin, her hubby and her son came as well.  It was so nice to hang out with her and catch up.

One of the two tables, set and partially loaded up...
My mom & my cousin
The real reason I rode twice this weekend.  Once for each piece of dessert.

Thankfully neither of these made it into a doggie bag for us to take home.  Not for lack of trying though.  Holy smokes.   I did end up with some leftover ham which will make for some tasty lunch tomorrow.  Anyway, enough about the food, here's what I got up to this past week.

Monday:  OFF - neck was still sore.

Tuesday:  90 minutes strength and mobility

Wednesday:  750m swim (neck was still really sore) 55 minutes of pilates in p.m.

Thursday:   Slept in and skipped the gym in a.m.  60 minutes of yoga in the p.m.

Friday:  2100m swim + 6.3km run

Saturday:  55km ride

Sunday:  3050m swim + 30 minutes core & mobility work

Total time:  8h 56 minutes

I definitely think I earned my turkey and pumpkin pie!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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