Tuesday, October 7, 2014

If It's Not One Thing

It's another.

I think the universe is trying, in a not so subtle way, to tell me that perhaps I need to re-think this whole "being active" thing.    In yesterday's post, I mentioned doing something to my neck.   I went to see Peter at Pivot yesterday afternoon and it turns out I've strained a ligament.  Yes, I strained a freaking ligament in my neck by combing my hair in the shower.  WTF.   Of course my Saturday bike ride was NOT a good idea as it aggravated it even more.  So, now I've been told NOT to ride my bike.  I basically can't do anything that will strain my neck.  No sit ups, no overhead anything at the gym.  

Peter did some ART work on my shoulders and neck and did a small adjustment on my mid back.  I was sore afterwards so I went home, sat with the heating pad on my shoulders, then had a hot bath, took two Robaxacet and went to bed.  I felt a lot better when I got up so I went to the gym and did my mobility work, legs and biceps.  Now I'm sitting at my desk with the heating pad on my neck.  There is a good chance I may fall asleep.  He did tell me I needed to keep moving and that sitting at a desk all day was not the best thing for me.  Guess that means I'll be wandering around the studio for a large part of the day. 

One step forward two steps back.

At least he said I could try swimming.  Obviously if it hurts, I will stop.  He did say that I won't be out for too long with this so at least that's a positive.  I'm crossing my fingers I'll be good to go this weekend.  I'm going to need to be able to ride off my turkey and pumpkin pie! 

Have you ever had a "stupid" injury?   What did you do?   This is almost as bad as the last time I did something to my neck....that time I was sitting on the toilet reaching for the toilet paper.   Fun times.


Christina @ The Athletarian said...


I'm sorry that this happened! How frustrating! Who knew combing your hair could be such a dangerous activity?!

Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

That sucks! There's nothing worse than getting hurt doing something that you do all the time. But maybe your body is telling you something--take it easy for a little while (easier said than done, I know all about that!).


Rebecca said...

WTF? I swear that is something that would happen to me. Maybe your body wants you to take more luxurious baths! :)

Phaedra Kennedy said...

Thanks guys...thankfully I'm pretty much back to 100%. A couple of ART treatments, heat, Robaxacet and some mobility work and I'm now good to go!