Friday, September 27, 2013

Yasso 800's...It's What's for Dinner

So last night I put on my big girl pants and hit the track.  Again.  This week's workout was Yasso 800's.  Apparently if you do 10 of them in a row that is supposed to be a good predictor of your marathon time.  Although I've also read that you should add 5 - 7 minutes to your Yasso 800 time.  Apparently that gives you a better approximation of your marathon time.  Whatever the case, if any of that is true then last nights track session was a real ego boost. 

This was my first 800.  My last looked exactly the same.  The middle ones went:  3:03, 3:04, 3:06, 3:03, 3:03 & 3:04.  I'm nothing if not consistent, ha ha.  So if I do the math and figure that my last two would be in the same area, according to Yasso's theory + say 5 minutes, that would mean that I have a 3:10 marathon in me.

3:10.  Holy. Frig.  My brain can't even process that so I'm not even going to try right now.  Instead, I'm going to enjoy the fact, that even though I so wanted to quit after the 5th one, I stuck it out and finished.   I channeled my inner Pre and sucked it up.  Listening to old school rap, cranked, also helped.  I had House of Pain's "Jump Around" on repeat.  I may or may not have been hand dancing and flashing gangsta signs.  Just like I may or may not know all the words. 

There may have been a bit of bribery involved as well.  I told myself that if I did all 8 of them, then I could have a big bowl of my new favourite thing.  Chocolate cherry "ice cream" (there is no ice or cream in it...I'm sneaky like that!).   I think I've finally gotten the recipe right but I'll have to test it a few more times just to make sure.  And then I'll post it. 

Thankfully today was a rest day for me so I got to sleep in.  Tomorrow we are back at it, heading up to Bolton for a ride.  It's going to be an amazing weekend weather wise so we are going to take full advantage of it and get outside!

What have you got planned for this weekend? 


*CaNdY FiT* said...

Woah!!!! Look at that time!

Looking forward to that 'ice cream' recipe!

The weather here has been gorgeous too! I've been soaking it alllll up!

HOpe you had a good ride!

Phaedra Kennedy said...

Thanks Kierston! I did! It was a lovely day for it too!