Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Changing of the Guard

Thursday night's chilly run workout was a smack in the face reminder that fall is just around the corner.  As if Starbucks ads for their infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte wasn't reminder enough...but I digress.  I'm making it sound like I hate fall.  While I'm always sad to see the end of summer, I really do love fall.  It has to be my favourite season.  G cringes when I say that.  He hates fall.  For him it means that winter is coming and he really hates winter, as do I.   Guess we should probably think about living elsewhere, ha ha.  Maybe one day. Who knows.

While I'm not always a fan of the cooler temps and chilly mornings, I do love the change in the quality of the air in the fall.  I feel like I can breathe better and my body just seems to perform more efficiently when it's cooler out.  There is no heat to sap my energy and push my heart rate higher than it needs to be.

Fall also sees the end of my triathlon season.  There are 2 races left in the race series I race in and I usually like to participate in the last one in Lakeside but this year, after doing 7 triathlons over the course of the spring / summer, I decided to pass on it.  I am all tri'd out, ha ha.  The end of tri season means that Scotty is heading to the basement and it's Little Red's turn to come out and play.

What?  You don't have names for your bike(s)?

Yes folks it's the traditional fall changing of the guard.  Scotty gets relegated to the trainer in the basement and Little Red finally gets some road time.  I love riding my road bike.  It's so much more comfortable than my tri bike.  I don't feel like I'm on a rocket ship, getting ready to blast off.  I can cruise around in an upright position and enjoy my surroundings, ha ha.   It also forces me to use my hamstrings more which is a good thing considering I'm a runner.   Fall rides are one of my favourite things.  Nothing beats loading the bikes up, driving out the country and checking out the fall colours at a leisurely pace, maybe stopping for a coffee somewhere along the way.  That's a civilized way to spend a Saturday.  No pressure to keep up a certain pace, just enjoy the ride.

Sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday don't you think?

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