Friday, July 26, 2013

A Week of Crazy

Well I've made it to the end of another crazy week of work.  This week had me in Montreal for a day of shooting.  We flew in on Tuesday evening, shot all day Wednesday and flew out Thursday morning.  I went straight from the airport into the studio and have been playing catch up ever since.  I don't think it's a coincidence that this week of crazy has coincided with a full moon.   It always seems to be the case.

Despite the traveling, I only missed one day of workouts while I was away.  My one day on set managed to kick my sorry butt from here to Sunday so I skipped my swim workout this morning and opted to sleep in.  Which is just as well as the swim ended up getting canceled because the pool supervisor never showed up.  Full moon nonsense wreaking havoc once again.

When I'm on set my eating habits suck.  Plain and simple.  My 4:00 am wake up call on Wednesday didn't help matters by completely screwing me up.  I slept like crap the night before (maybe 4 hours?) because I couldn't turn my brain off.  I hate that. Anyway, it took me 4 cups of coffee (!?!) to feel even quasi normal.  I'm usually a one cup kinda gal.  Any more than that and I get twitchy.  Not on Wednesday.  And of course, being a travel job, you can't just go back to your hotel and do a face plant into bed once you're done.  Nope.  You must go out to dinner with the client.   All I wanted to do was go to sleep when we were done.  I had to fight for an early dinner (7:15) knowing that it was probably going to be a long-ish affair.  Sure enough it was but it was so worth it.  We went to Le Club Chasse et Peche and I've had one of the best meals I've had in a long time.  I didn't take any pictures but I did snap a shot of the menu.  Oysters with Charisma and Vegetables with Panache anyone?  I didn't have either one but I'm sure they both would have been a-ma-zing.

 The food was excellent and the conversation was great.  The agency guys we worked with are a fun bunch and boy oh boy can they drink.  Oh my.  It was 11:00 pm by the time I fell into bed.  I had been up and going since 4:00 am.  19 hours straight.  Geez.  It's no wonder I felt like I got hit with a Mack Truck the next morning.  I don't think the 5 bottles of wine we shared had anything to do with that at all *ahem*.  Amazingly, I actually made it out to my Thursday night run group workout.  I think my body really needed to sweat.  I didn't feel amazing but I stuck it out and I'm glad I did.  I slept like a baby last night and I feel 100% better.  Good thing as we've got yet another race on tap this weekend.

In fact this weekend promises to be pretty action packed.  My fearless swim coach Kim Lumsdon is doing her big Lake Ontario swim from Niagara on the Lake to Marilyn Bell Park in Toronto.  If she does this (which she will) she will become the oldest woman to make the crossing for the second time.  Yes, she's done it once before in 2006.  C-R-A-Z-Y.   She's also raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.  You can donate here.  We are hoping to be able to be there when she arrives, which will probably be sometime late in the evening tomorrow.  We'll see how that goes given that we are going to have be on the road by shortly after 5:00 am to get to our race on Sunday.

Oh the things I do for fun!

On another note, I've only got 4 more days of work to get through before G and I hit the road for our holidays.  We are off to Lake Placid for a week of R&R.  Of course we're bringing our bikes, wetsuits and running stuff.  We haven't been to Lake Placid since we did Ironman in 2006.  I am really looking forward to going back.  And in typical P & G fashion we will end a monster week of training with yet another wee little race (Bracebridge Sprint Tri).  Might not be smart, but it will be fitting.

Who else is racing this weekend?  

Who has a vacation coming up?  Where are you going?

What's the best meal you've ever had?

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