Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Morning Freestyle

Lazy morning, gotta get going.  Sun is shining, calling my name.

Let's go.

Check the temps.  Better layer up.

Out the door into the cool crisp air.  I love days like this.
Off and running, down the street.  Round the bend and into the wind.

Maybe I should have worn a vest.

Hands are freezing.  Wind is gusting.  Pushing me around.
Work hard, hard work.

Hopefully it's at my back when I'm coming home.

Into the park, by the spit, more wind.  Howling.
Runners coming.  Wave hello.  Smiles exchanged.

West end is the best end for friendly faces.

3 weeks since I've run this way.  So many changes.
Re-build, re-vamp, re-sell.

Whoa that big house went up fast

Winding path, across the bridge, onto the rollers.
Up and down, up and down.
"Run to the hills, run for your life."

Out to Lakeshore along the path.
Brrring, brrring, On your left!  Watch the cyclists.

Legs are feeling good, I'm in a groove.
Chug chug chug along.
Runners up ahead.  Reel 'em in.

Empty baseball diamonds, season is over.
Geese have taken up residence.

Big guy in a toque. Speedy.  Can't catch him.
First rule of running:  Run your own pace. 

Gel time.  Peanut Butter GU.  Yes please!
Check my pace.  Good.  Check my heart rate.  Good good.
Keep on keepin' on.

Over the bridge, in and out of the wind.  What a view.
Stop for a pic: click, click.

Winding path, by homes, through the park.
Into the quiet of the trees.

Out into the sunshine.  Still windy.
Head down, keep pushing.
Wind will make you stronger.

Big homes on the water being made bigger.
Dirt, trucks, hammering.  Busy bees working.
Pound, pound, pound.

Into Port Credit.  Round the Marina.
Greeting by blazing colours and blue skies.
Oh hello!

Over another bridge.  11km in, 1km to go until the turnaround.
Stretching runners at Starbucks.  Heading towards the lake.
Wind at my back.  Finally.

Into JC Scaddington Park.  All is quiet.  Except for the fishermen.
The path is mine.  Glorious.
Rounding the bend, looking out to the lake.  Playing peek a boo through the bushes.
I spy with my little eye, a sailboat.

Park hopping, out of one into another.  Beep!
Turnaround time.
Retracing my steps.  Dark clouds rolling in.
Hope it doesn't rain.
Sun is playing hide and seek.
It's hot, it's cold, it's hot, it's cold.

Back towards the fishermen.
What are those birds?  Get the camera!
Bird Nerd in full affect.

Northbound into the wind.  Head down.
Over the bridge.  Wind is swirling, coming from all directions.

Past the pink bike, marking the path.  Turn here!
Another runner, going long.  Morning!
Along the lake through St. Lawrence Park.
Yoga happening by the lake.
Stretch it out.

Found my rhythm.  Feeling good.
Sunshine on my face, wind at my back, gently pushing.
What a great day.  Thankful for much.

More runners, more hellos.
Back into the quiet of the trees.
Watch the puddles.  Perfect picture.
Clickety click.  A study in contrasts.

Gotta get moving.  Still a ways to go.
Runner passes by.  Sweet!  A carrot! 
Time to pick it up.

Big dog coming through.  Woof woof!
Hello to you too!  Can't stay and play, home is calling.

Following the carrot, just out of reach.
No pushing.  Run your own pace. 
The racer in me wants to chase.
Easy tiger.

Lost the carrot at the lights.
Run my own pace.  Run my own race.
Along the path, towards the gates.
Dodge the cyclist, quick on my feet.
A laugh, a wave and a thank you.

Chugging along.  Winding path.
Feeling good.  Music pumping.
"It's my turn to drive, it's my turn to drive."

Getting closer.  Getting tired.
Suck it up and keep moving.
Left, right, left right.
Home is close.

"And  I came home, 
Like a stone, 
And I fell heavy into your arms"

Up Eleventh, by the pool, closed till next year.
Taking the corner, full tilt to Tenth Street.
Pushing pushing, closer.
Up the driveway.  Spent.


Kate said...

Gorgeous Phaedra - I love it.

What a run too!

Phaedra Kennedy said...

Thanks Kate! It was a gorgeous day out yesterday.