Thursday, May 24, 2012

Get 'Er Done!

Given how crappy I'm feeling, perhaps this post should have been entitled "How Not to Taper".  Obviously I won't know until Sunday if my 5 days in a different time zone will have negatively affected my race.  As of right now, I'm feeling like a sack of hammers.  I'm feeling very lethargic (maybe because I haven't worked out in 3 days??) and I can't seem to shake the congestion in my nose (potentially allergies but claritin isn't really helping, might need something stronger). 
So, I don't have high hopes for Sunday but, I will go out and do what I always do:  give it 110%.  I did contemplate bailing on it...for about a second but then I figured that would be a waste of $85 and the loss of another cool finishers medal.  I'd also miss out on all my friends and my hubby manning the chocolate aid station which would be a real bummer.   And most importantly, I wouldn't be there to cheer on my friend Kirsten who enlisted my help in developing a training plan to help her get faster.  She has had PB's in the 2 races she's done so far this year so I have high hopes for her this time around.  I want to be there to see her cross the line.  If I have to run her in to provide that extra kick in the pants, I'll do it.

Sometimes the races or runs that you have the least interest in doing end up being the best ones if you just go out and get 'er done.   Here's hoping that's the case this weekend! 

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