Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ok, So I'll Never Be a Foot Model

It's started again.  The transformation of my feet.  Or shall I say the dis-figuration of my feet.  As my mileage increases so do the callouses on my feet.  In fact I think with each km increase I probably add a millimeter to each callous.  That adds up to a lot.   I have ugly feet at the best of times (they're very Barney Rubble-esque) but once racing season starts, ugly reaches a whole new level.  The ugly usually starts after the first race of the season.  The faster paced running and the way my feet hit the ground usually result in a) some kind of blister and inevitably b) a black toenail.  I've worn the blister guard socks and those seem to work but since I've discovered compression socks, those are all I want to race in now.  So I usually body glide my feet before putting the socks on.  I've also taken to taping up my callouses with moleskin which actually seems to work wonders, at least in training.  I haven't put it into practice in a race yet but I think I'll do so next week at Around The Bay. 

I am staring to develop a black toenail on my 3rd toe.  This is usually where it happens.  There's only a small hint of it now but I guarantee you that by the time I finish Mississauga, it will be totally black.  Thank goodness for dark nail polish!  As unattractive as they may be, my feet put up with a lot of abuse.  They have covered more miles than I can remember.  They've taken me on all sorts of adventures and they've crossed numerous finish lines.  So it's okay if they're not pretty.  They show the battle scars I've earned with every mile I've run and I'm proud of that.  And besides,  I never aspired to be a foot model anyway. 

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Katrin Faridani said...

Holy Jesus- them are ugly! Just kidding cutie!