Friday, March 16, 2012

Finding Balance

I know I've been a bit quiet as of late but that's because there hasn't been much happening in the way of running.  When I'm not running, the creative juices don't seem to flow.  It doesn't help that My Real Life has managed to consume almost every waking moment of these last few weeks and has sapped me of any desire or ability to operate on any other level than GO GO GO mode.   Don't get me wrong, I rather be busy than bored but there needs to be some balance.
I've also managed to bugger up my hamstring, glute medius and my adductor muscle in my right leg.  Oh yeah, it's a doozy.  The hamstring niggle had been there for a while and got progressively worse over the weeks.  I think my half marathon a couple of weeks ago was the straw that broke the camels back.  I should have known that my weeks of long speed work, fairly inadequate stretching and not having the time to really take care of myself (i.e going for a massage) would manifest themselves in something like this.  My long run last Sunday was uncomfortable from the get go.  It was supposed to be 29km but I only managed 22.  How I managed to tough out 22km I don't know.  I hobbled around all afternoon and the next day.  Of course I went into freak out mode for a day or two until I finally got into Pivot on Wednesday and had some A.R.T work done.  Holy hell I had forgotten just how painful that stuff is.  Luckily it's all just incredibly tight and overworked muscles.  A few treatments should hopefully get me right as rain.  I was told to take it easy for 48 hours afterwards which meant that I'd miss my Thursday night run.  Of course all of this happens during the nicest week of the year so far.  Temperatures are in the 20's and it's mid MARCH.  We're breaking records all over the place.  All I can do is stare longingly at all the fair weather runners who've come out in droves.  It's depressing. Luckily for me, the weather is supposed to stay like this until at least next Tuesday.  So, if all goes well, I'll be taking my pasty white legs out for a run in the sun this weekend!

On the Real Life front, these next couple of weeks look fairly promising in terms of finding some balance.   Let's hope the Universe keeps it that way.

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