Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Faster Dash=More Flash!

I'm not quite sure when this happened.  By this, I mean my penchant for flashy footwear.  I was always a plain white running shoe kinda gal.  The less flash the better.  But now, well, I must confess, the brighter the shoe, the better.   Good thing shoe makers seem to have re-kindled a love for the neon brights of the 80's.

My 2 recent shoe purchases put an exclamation point at the end of that sentence.  If I look at my shoe collection as a whole, I'd have to say that it mirrors the build in my confidence as a runner.  The faster I've gotten, the flashier my shoes have become.


I think not.

My Shoe Collection left to right = old to new.


Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Love the shoes too...I am a running shoe freak, and the flashier the better, in fact I had SUPER GROVER runners in Kindergaretn that made me run the minute mile!

Katie W.

Anonymous said...

Phae...please correct my spelling!!! LOL....