Monday, August 22, 2011

Varying Degrees of Insanity

Last week I caught myself looking ahead to next years goals.  Being a very goal oriented person and a supreme planner, this seems to be what I do when I have some down time.  I have been tossing around the idea of tackling the 26.2 mile monster again.  Especially now that I have this new found speed and strength.  I was thinking of a spring marathon, potentially Mississauga as I'm very familiar with the course and it's not too far from home.  Mississauga usually takes place mid-May.  However there was also the fact that I wanted to do the Toronto Women's Half again and that takes place at the end of May.


First of all, I am shocked that I even actually contemplated running a full and then running a half 2 weeks later.  Goes to show you how much I've changed mentally as an athlete.

Secondly, I am even more shocked that I was actually somewhat excited by the prospect!

What the hell has happened to me?  I think I have almost reached that degree of insanity that I never thought I'd see.  That of a die hard runner.

To make this prospect even MORE appealing, when I googled the dates for the 2012 Mississauga Marathon, I found, to my absolute delight, that it had now been moved to the FIRST WEEK of May!  That would give me 3 whole weeks to recover AND to reap the fitness benefits from the marathon just in time for the half.

OH yes.  Could this get any better.....??

Somebody get me a straight jacket, I think I need to be committed.


aggosst! said...

A friend of mine did the two halves a couple of years ago. She used the first one as a warm-up and to pull a less-running friend to the finish. Then the women's was her "real race."

Three weeks' break, you say? No straight-jacket, just do it.

Phaedra Kennedy said...

If it was 2 halfs with a 3 week break I wouldn't even think twice. I'm thinking of doing a marathon first which is double the distance and a lot harder on my body. But I think 3 weeks should be sufficient time to recover. I guess we shall see.....!