Monday, May 2, 2011

More Food For Thought, Pass it On!

My current obsession right now is to try and do ONE chin up. My upper body is incredibly weak so this is something I have been working on for the last month or so. Granted I haven't been incredibly consistent but even with my inconsistency I've still seen progress. I am doing assisted chin ups and can manage a progression of 5, 5, & 4, gradually reducing the counter weight with each set. Yup, I'm working on turning my twigs into branches!

Where has this obsession come from? From a challenge that was "loosely" thrown down on the PN forum. There are a couple of incredibly amazing women whose logs I follow regularly and they were trying to get to 10 chin ups. Both of them got there relatively quickly.

Very inspiring stuff. At least for me anyway.

It's one of the many reasons I love that forum. The other reason is that one of those crazy chin up ladies, also happens to be an amazing Registered Dietician by the name of Georgie Fear. Yes, that is her real name. Georgie is a fantastic cook, who knows her stuff. And she is also willing to share all of her recipes with the folks on PN. Every recipe of hers I've tried, I've loved. And that's saying a lot as I've got some pretty picky taste buds.

She has a website on which she shares a bunch of her recipes for things like homemade protein bars (which are amazing) as well as great ideas for dinners, snacks and healthy desserts. She offers up insightful info into things like carb cycling and supplementation and she also answers readers questions. She has also put together an amazing cookbook called Fuel Up. I got my hands on it a while back and it is fantastic. Filled with all sorts of nutritional info as well as flavourful, easy to prepare recipes, it's a steal at $25.

If you're looking for some healthy inspiration, look no further than Fuel Up.

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