Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #7

I'm baa--ack!  It's been a couple of weeks since I've done one of these.  All of a sudden things exploded in my life and I was in a perpetual state of busy-ness.  But it's kind of quiet now so I'm getting back on the T.O.L.T wagon at least for this week.

I'm linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons for some random fun.

1.  BIG NEWS:  I am officially a certified running coach.  I found out earlier on this week that I got 92% on the practical component of my certification.  This was one of my goals from last year, it just took me a bit longer to get everything done.  To say I'm jacked would be an understatement. 

2. Boston is 32 days away.  HO-LY Crap.  I get butterflies thinking about this.  The illogical part of my brain is telling me I'm not ready.  The logical part of my brain is telling me I'll be fine.  I'm sure this battle is going to get very heated over the next few weeks and will play out in these virtual pages so bear with me.

3.  Pancakes at 10:00 pm are just as good as pancakes at 10:00 am.  Even if they are McDonald's pancakes.

4. I am absolutely IN LOVE with my Oiselle Flyte shirt.  It's super comfortable and soft.  Not to mention stylish.  And I love this lime green colour. 

5.  I also bought another pair of running shoes.  I told myself I was going to wait until I got to Boston and shop at the Expo but Mizuno released these babies and I couldn't control myself.  I now have shoes to match my Oiselle shirt.  Because you know, looking good equals feeling good and that always puts a bit of spring in my step!

6.  Speaking of happens to the first day of it.  You'd never be able to tell by looking outside, but it's here.   I saw on the news this morning that we are going to experience colder than normal temperatures due to the large amounts of ice still on the Great Lakes.  How awesome is that?  NOT VERY.   I seriously hope this summer is scorching hot.  It has to be to make up for this dreadful winter.

Ok your turn.  Tell me something completely random!!
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