Monday, January 13, 2014

#Mingsanity: Week One Recap

Happy Monday Folks!

I made it through my first week of 70.3 training, a.k.a "Mingsanity" relatively unscathed, other than the cold I had Tuesday / Wednesday which caused me to miss two workouts.  This in turn, altered my schedule for the rest of the week.  Even with this, I still managed almost 10 hours of workouts.  Good Lord.   The craziest part of this is that BOTH of my runs this week were done on the treadmill, including my 20km long run.  I can honestly say I don't think I ever want to do that again.  I was really hoping that the mild temps that rolled in on Friday would have melted everything on the ground by Saturday morning.  In some areas it was just wet but for the most part the roads around my neighbourhood were a slushy, icy mess.  When I saw the temps for the weekend I was so excited because I thought I'd finally be able to run outside again.  I even got up early so I was out on the road earlier than normal.  I made it exactly 350m before I opted to turn around due to the incredibly dicey footing.   Foiled once again by Mother Nature, the nasty wench.

I am really really hoping that today's mild temperatures finally get rid of the remainder of the crap on the roads because I don't think I can face another treadmill run.  I may actually resort to doing this to one of my older pairs of Mizunos just to get me through the next little while.  

I guess that's enough kvetching about the weather.  I *do* live in Canada so I'm going to have to learn to suck it up I guess.

Now, on to the FUN! I'm going to be linking up with Kat over at Katrina Elle for her Weekly Workouts Round Up!   Let's see how my first week of 70.3 training went down.

Monday:  2850m swim
Tuesday:  1 hour bike (a.m.)
Wednesday:  Sick
Thursday:  10km treadmill run + weights in a.m.  1 hour bike in p.m.
Friday:  1500m swim
Saturday:  20km treadmill run with 2x3km @ 4:10 pace (only managed 1x3km on the 'mill), weights (incl box jumps - holy OUCH) + 20 min swim
Sunday:  2800m swim, 80 minute bike with 3x20 min @ 145w

Normally I take Fridays off but because I was sick on Wednesday, I opted to go and do a short swim.  I'm thinking I probably should have just taken the day off because that now means I've got 8 straight days of workouts instead of 6.  We'll see how this old body of mine handles it.

I have to admit, I'm really loving the bike right now.  I think I am finally dialed in fit wise.  I can crank out almost 40kph on flats without too much effort so that's a good sign.  Now I just need to get used to my saddle.  I think riding with this girl on Sundays also makes it way more enjoyable.  It's so nice to have some company on the longer rides!  Kiki is also training for a 70.3 at the beginning of June so we're kind of on the same schedule. 

Obligatory Sunday Ride Selfie!

Anyone else dealing with ice / crappy weather?  If so did you brave it and go out or did you opt for the treadmill?
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