Monday, January 27, 2014

It Was A Big 'Un: #Mingsanity Week 3

If I could be horizontal right now I would be.  This was my first "high volume" week and holy heck, am I ever toast.  Thankfully I have a "low volume" (i.e recovery) week this week because this old bod sure needs it.  It didn't help that Mother Nature refused to cooperate weather wise and pummeled us with cold temps and more freaking snow.  I've really had enough of this Polar Vortex B.S.  To top it off, I keep getting emails and pictures from my parents who are visiting my cousin in Barbados, telling me about what a wonderful time they're having.  Rub it in why don't you.

The parental units getting down to some steel drum tunes

My mom,  #beerstagramming in Barbados

Ok, that's my daily kvetch about the weather.  On to the fun part.  Once again I'm linking up with Kat and Krysten and their weekly workout round up.  This is how my high volume week went down.

Monday:  2600m swim
Tuesday:  80 minute bike (48.7km), 30 minute weights, 11km run with 3.5km at tempo pace in the FREEZING cold.  Don't think I'll do that again.
Wednesday:  2150m swim
Thursday:   9.25km run, again outside in the freezing cold, 30 minute weights, 70 minute bike ride (35.8km).
Friday:  OFF
Saturday:  25km run in the snow and wind.  Holy moly did this ever do a number on my body.  So much so that I skipped my gym workout so I could lie around on the couch.  I had planned to go to hot yoga but that didn't happen either.  
Sunday: 2600m swim, 90 minute bike (55.49km), weight workout that I skipped on Saturday.

My shoes after Saturday's slog fest

Totals for the week:

Swim:  7350m
Bike:  139.99km (should just rode for 10 more seconds ha ha)
Run:  44.96km

Total hours including strength training:  12h 20 min.  That's almost a part time job. 

This week looks much more "manageable."  No rides longer than 1 hour, which is nice.  My long run is only 17k too....with 10 of it at 4:15km pace.  Ha ha ha.  So much for easy.

With this reduced volume I should be able to at least get to a hot yoga class or a massage..or maybe even both.   And maybe even get 8 hours of sleep a night...wouldn't THAT be nice.

How was your weekend?   Who else is sick of this Polar Vortex nonsense?
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