Monday, July 15, 2013

Boston 2014: Why I'm Going Back

Yesterday I was surfing facebook when a friend request appeared.  I clicked on it and didn't recognize the woman at all.  I went to her profile, looked around and saw she was from Boston.


A few minutes later a message pops up and it's from her.  Her name is Barb Hudson and she lives in the Cleveland Circle area.  She comes out almost every year to take pictures of the race.  She sent me a note saying that she had taken a picture of me and that I was welcome to tag myself in it.   I accepted her friend request and went looking for the album.

Sure enough I went through all the pics and there I was.  Up close and personal.  And still smiling.   Sort of. 

I was amazed that someone had actually taken the time to go through all their pictures, find out the name of each runner and then reach out to them to let them know there was a picture of them from the race.

This is how our conversation unfolded:

I'm going back because of people like Barb.  Folks like her make Boston the race that it is.   I consider it an honor to have these people cheering for us crazy runners.  I'm sure that most people would agree, the spectators make the race.

To Barb and all the other spectators that will be lining the streets next year, I look forward to coming back and celebrating with you.   As Barb so aptly puts it:

She's right.  Goodness WILL prevail.  Of that I am certain.
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