Sunday, February 24, 2013

Looking for a Silver Lining

I'm just over halfway through my training cycle for Boston and looking back at the last two months, I am freaking out just a little bit.  I only run 3 days a week and I've missed about 20% of my weekly key workouts.  I've done all my long runs except one so that is a positive but I gotta say, I'm not feeling 100% confident about my ability to go sub 3:20 at Boston.  Sure, a lot can happen in 7 weeks and my racing season is just starting so who knows.  But, if I don't pick it up and start becoming more consistent, then race day in Beantown is not going to be pretty.  Of course, just as my knees have gotten better, work has picked up as well.  When work is busy, it's busy.  Like 12-14 hour days busy.  To top it all off, I may have to travel for work next week.  I don't normally mind doing that, especially when it's to warmer climes (we're supposed to go to Miami, woohoo) but, traveling for work usually means no free time.  The project I'm going to be potentially working on will involve 4 days in Miami and then coming back to Toronto to shoot for another 3 days.  Those 3 days will probably be over the course of a weekend.  The same weekend I have 20 miler number three scheduled. 

That should make life interesting to say the least.

Of course, me being the worrier/planner/obsesser that I am, I'm already trying to figure out when I can squeeze everything in because I really don't want to lose another week of workouts.


Perhaps I'm just worrying because I had a crappy run yesterday.  I always try not to let bad runs get the better of me, but yesterday was totally miserable.  I felt like I hadn't fueled enough before and my legs just hurt from the get go.  I figured after taking 2 days off that I'd feel great.  I did have a massage on Wednesday and A.R.T work done on Tuesday so perhaps my legs haven't quite recovered from that yet.  Who knows.  All I know is that yesterday sucked.  There was ONE positive from yesterday's run and that was the fact that my knees didn't hurt at all.  Usually they hurt when I start running and then they're fine.  Yesterday I started running with no pain.  Zero.  And I managed to hammer the downhills with no pain either.  Another plus I guess.  My quads have paid the price for that today but I've got another A.R.T session on Wednesday to help work that out.  The other positive was that I managed to go 1 second faster than my goal pace per km.  I was supposed to average 5:03/kms and I managed 5:02's for just over 32km.  Ok so that's 3 positives.  Guess I found the silver lining in yesterday's run after all. 

Ugly, but I got it done.
I have a monster tempo run scheduled on Tuesday (16km+warm up & cool down) but given that I am racing a half on Sunday, I will probably dial that back to 12km, which I will more than likely do on the treadmill since we're supposed to get a huge dumping of snow.  I suspect there will have to be some doubles this week.  Fun times.  Guess I better get into the kitchen and prep some meals because I think I'm going to be bringing the hungries all week long. 

How do you deal with a bad run? 

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