Monday, August 10, 2015

August Already!

Ok.  Will somebody PLEASE but the brakes on summer??  I can't believe it's August already!!!  I guess that's what happens when you jam pack your weekends with races, training, trips and visits with family and friends. 

Last week was a REALLY short week for us.  We didn't get back from Newfoundland until Wednesday mid afternoon so I only had two days of work last week, which was lovely.  I didn't come back to chaos which was also really lovely.   I like being able to ease back into the swing of things versus being punched in the face with busy as soon as I step through the door.  

Despite being away, I still managed to do some kind of workout almost every day, in addition to walking EVERYWHERE.  I think we must have walked anywhere between 4-6km a day, depending on what we were doing.  There was a pretty decent gym at the hotel so I got in a few good weight workouts as wel.  What we did miss was swimming and biking.  The Atlantic Ocean was a balmy 8 degrees so people weren't flocking to the beach to go swimming, ha ha.  And we didn't want to lug our bikes with us on this trip so that was out.  But we made up for it when we got back.

Monday:  40 minute gym workout + walking around St. John's

Tuesday:  11km run with G + a walk half way up Signal Hill and around St. John's

Wednesday:  OFF (travel day!)

Thursday:  Back in the saddle to ride with Morning Glory.  That was ugly.  40km done. 

Friday:  Back in the pool after 10 days off.  Not as ugly as I thought.  The pool supervisor showed up half an hour late so I only got in 1500m before I had to get out.  Better than nothing especially since I was racing the next day.

Saturday:  Bracebridge Sprint Tri - 750m swim, 20.9km bike, 5km run.  Race report to come!  Photo courtesy of Christa Davidson. 

Sunday:  15km recovery run.  I finally felt good!  I'm almost back to 100% I think.  The last 1.5km was tough as my knees started to hurt and my sciatica started to flare a little bit but that is progress. Considering that's my longest run since Muskoka, I'll happily take it.

Total time:  6h 14 minutes.  Training Stress Score:  405 - which means I had a fairly intense week.  This is something I'm going to start elaborating on / including in more of my weekly recaps. 

Don't forget, tomorrow is Tri Talk Tuesday and we're talking Triathlon Favourites!  I can't WAIT to see what everyone posts about tomorrow!

How was your week?  Do you try to stay active on vacation?

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Krysten Siba Bishop said...

Welcome back and congrats on a great race!! I agree the summer is flying by!!