Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #6

Well this week is just flying by.  That's good, because that means we're only 4 weeks or so away from Spring.  Let's hope Mother Nature realizes that sooner rather than later.  I could use a little warmth in my life.  I'm hoping that G bring some sunshine & warmer temps with him when he comes back from Mexico City.

It's Thinking Out Loud Thursday and once again I'm linking up with Amanda over at Running With Spoons for some random fun.

This week has been an odd mix of busy and slow if that makes any sense.  If you work in advertising you know exactly what I mean.  It's a whole lot of hurry up and wait.  Anyway, my brain has been busy processing work related things so there haven't been a whole lot of random thoughts running around up there.  However, there are a few things that got me excited this week (sorry pervs, this is not THAT kind of blog)

1.  Tonight is the season premier of Vikings (cue excited squeals). Unfortunately it's on at 10:00 pm which is way past my bedtime.  Thank goodness for PVR's.

2.  Due to the urging of my friend Caitlin, I have recently started watching True Detectives.   Yet another show that is going to become an obsession.  Matthew McConaughey is a-ma-zing.

3. As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I'm racing on Sunday.  I wasn't terribly excited about it but now that I realize just how many of my "blends" & Daily Mile pals are doing it, I'm actually looking forward to it.  If you see me and my crazy hair (tucked under a purple toque sadly), come and say hi!

4.  The ongoing quest to heal my knees continues.   This week has been particularly uncomfortable for me which has worried me a lot,  knowing that I am going into a race on Sunday.  I feel like I am only getting so far with my mobility work so I took the plunge and went to see a Chiropractor who does Graston.  Graston is a technique that uses steel tools to work the muscles.  The practitioner drags the steel tool across the affected areas to help release the scar tissue / knots.  OMFG. It hurts like hell.  Probably because muscles are bumpier than a dirt road.  This is not good.  A normal muscle should be smooth.  Mine have ruts and bumps like nobody's business.  My hamstrings were like a washboard.  I'd rather have my abs described that way, not my hamstrings.  The good part is that she thinks Graston will help sort that out.  The bad-ish part is that we don't know if that's actually the cause of my knee pain.  She did mention she is a bit worried about my meniscus on my left knee.  She said I could potentially have meniscal derangement (this made me feel a bit deranged).  She did say that of all the things that were to go wrong with your meniscus, this is the easiest one to treat.  So I have to see her once a week for the next 8 weeks. 
Graston torture tools - Source
5.  On a musical tangent:  I'm loving Sam Roberts new album: Lo-Fantasy.  The songs have a great summertime vibe to them.  I downloaded the deluxe album because it gets you a bunch of remixed tracks as well.  I love "extras" on an album so I almost always get the deluxe version.

6.  I was expecting some news from the B.A.A soon about corrals etc so when I saw an email from them yesterday I got excited.  Turns out it was an announcement about procedures for this year's race.  I had been wondering how things would be handled and yesterday I got my answer.  Basically you are not allowed to bring a bag with you to the start.  In previous years you've gotten a bag that you can stash your post race clothes in and anything else you want to have with you.  You drop it off at the assigned bus according to your bib number and then you head off to the start line.  Not this year.  This year you bring that bag to Boston Common where you catch the bus and you drop it off there.  You also have to go BACK there (it's about a half mile walk) and pick it up after the race instead of the old way where as soon as you crossed the finish line you made your way towards the  the bus with your corresponding bib number so you could get your bag.   The B.A.A. will be providing all runners with this stylish heat retaining poncho.  I suspect that this new procedure will definitely streamline the finish line process so it will be less congested.   I'm not too fussed about it.  I'm goo with whatever it takes to make things safer for everyone. 

Ok folks, your turn!  Tell me something random!  
What are your thoughts on the new security measures at Boston?


Amanda @ .running with spoons. said...

Oh gosh. Graston sounds painful just reading about it -- I can't even imagine how much it must have hurt. But I guess anything is wroth it if it makes you feel better in the long run, right? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Aaand I'll never complain about the mild pain that comes with foam rolling, because it's probably nowhere even close...

Krysten Siba Bishop said...

I just got hook on Vikings! SO GOOD! Pumped about the next season!!