Monday, February 24, 2014

Finding Balance: #Mingsanity Week 7

One of the best parts about having a coach is the fact that they can push you that little bit more than you'd push yourself.  I know for a fact that if I was making up my own plan, I wouldn't be doing a lot of the bike workouts that Ming has me doing.  I probably would have just gotten time in the saddle without really doing anything even remotely structured during my ride.  I also know that I'd probably continue to push myself even when I needed a break.  Having someone to be accountable to and that looks for feedback on how I'm feeling, recovering etc has been amazing.   He's kept me in check and adjusted my workouts accordingly.  So sometimes a week that was supposed to be a high volume week, turns into a medium/high volume week because I'm not recovered enough.  That's what this past week was.  It was supposed to be a high volume week but I've been one tired and sore little lady so he dialed things back on the bike and focused more on the run.  Sure my legs are still tired, especially after yesterdays bike workout but I don't feel as sore as I did a couple of weeks ago.   

As usual I'm linking up with Krysten, Amanda & Erica to put my #Bestfoot forward.  So let's see how this week unfolded.

Monday:  Family Day!  Pool was closed so I went to hot yoga and did a 60 min ride.
Tuesday:  Decided to skip my morning ride and sleep in.  That would have been ride #3 in 3 days and I couldn't face getting back on the bike.  P.M.  run outside with WTP.  Was supposed to do 13km but the roads were so crappy I cut it short.  Didn't even get my tempo work done. 
Wednesday:  2500m swim. 
Thursday:  12.16km run on the treadmill with 4x1 mile repeats.  That was a sweat fest but I totally nailed it.  Followed by body weight circuit.  P.M.  80 minute ride that turned into a 70 minute ride. 
Friday:  OFF
Saturday:  25.75km run with 10km at tempo pace.  Didn't nail the tempo piece due to high winds and icy patches on the sidewalk but I still got a good effort in and it was SO NICE OUT.  This was followed by a body weight circuit at the gym.

Sunday:  Skipped my swim to watch the hockey game and opted to do my ride while watching the game.  1h 30 minutes turned into 1h 45 minutes.  It was a tough bike workout too as he had me doing power sets. 

I struggled a lot with motivation this week.  Especially later on in the week.  The weather really has gotten the better of me.  I literally dreaded my Thursday morning treadmill workout and I NEVER dread workouts.  I was so thankful that this weekend turned out to be as beautiful as it was.  It was a welcome reprieve!  Unfortunately we're heading back into a cold snap, which totally sucks because I'm racing this weekend.  Yup, it's the first race of the season for me, which means that this week of workouts is all really easy, thank goodness.  But it's supposed to be -11 or something stupid like that come race day.  Not sure how well these legs of mine will perform in the cold, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Totals for this week:

Swim:  2500m
Bike:  97.01km
Run: 46.27km

Total time:  10:05.  Not too bad but that's probably because I skipped a ride, a swim and shortened a run, ha ha. 

How was your week of training? 


Krysten Siba Bishop said...

Seriously this weather will get anyone down. Bring on the sunshine and the outdoor rides! Right? Pretty sure you still rocked it!

Courtney @TriGirl Chronicles said...

An excellent week! Glad you got a few chances to sleep in too. I need one or two of those a week to be successful. My week was good. No two-days last week which is unusual for me, but I felt like I had a great week training wise, so I'm not too bothered by it.

Stupid Cupid said...

Good luck this weekend! Hope you catch a little break with the return of the stupid polar vortex!

I'm finally tapering...yay! These last two weeks were 40+ miles each and my body is about done. I trust that the training is working though since I nailed my pace on Saturday's 15.5 mile run.


macnic said...

Amazing week for sure! Awesome set up with the TV and bikes for the hockey game. I'm going to guess you're racing Chilly? I'm hoping the weather will change. (Please, please!) Have a great "easy" week.

RunToTheFinish said...

I say kudos to the time even if your motivation was a little off. I know you are a lot like me where you don't need to get motivated per say because it's just a habit to get it done, but some weeks it's just a lot more fun. Hoping spring comes soon!

Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

Gotta love a good coach! I have a crossfit coach that I see once/week. She makes me do things I'd never attempt on my own. I feel totally badass when I leave. Oh...and it helps my running too! We'll see how much it first half of the season is in 3 weeks! It's in Florida tho, so I hope the warmer weather isn't a factor.

Taking the Long Way Home:

Kristen said...

I feel you on the “off” week – that was me last week. We all have them and probably need them every once in a while. I am loving your trainer setup in front of the TV. No other way to survive the immobility on a bike. This week has been a trainer week for me too, with snow falling and ice everywhere. Is it Spring yet??