Friday, January 25, 2013

Verdict #1

A few days ago I was moaning about how my knees were bugging me and that I was starting to get a little worried.   I was so freaked out I made two appointments with two different sports medicine doctors.  I had my first appointment this afternoon.  While I wasn't given any definite answers as to what exactly I may have, I was reassured that it wasn't serious.


This doc suspects that I have either patella femoral syndrome or patella tendonitis.  Either way, it means that I'm not running the 29km I had scheduled for tomorrow.  The good news is that he felt that with some good physiotherapy I'd be back up and running relatively quickly.  So Tuesday morning I have an appointment with a physiotherapist.  Then, because a second opinion is never a bad thing, I have another appointment with a second sports medicine doctor.  I suspect that her answers will probably be the same and if that's the case at least I'll have some peace of mind.

I really hate not being able to run but I know that if I ignore these symptoms and keep training then I'll risk doing some serious damage.  Knee issues are not to be taken lightly.  No siree.  So, I will suck it up and either spend some quality time with my bike or finally get my butt to a hot yoga class or two.  Given the amount of cracking my hips are doing every time I stand up, I think I'm overdue for a good stretching session.

I suppose that taking tomorrow off running won't necessarily be a bad thing, especially since it's supposed to be -11 and snowing in the morning.   Hmmm...the idea of spending an hour sweating in a steamy hot room is sounding better and better every minute. 

How far are you running this weekend?


misszippy said...

While it's a bummer, I think you are right--it could be worse! So provided you get a similar diagnosis next week (smart move always), focus on the rehab and getting back asap.

And yes, having an excuse not to go out tomorrow isn't such a bad thing right now!

Phaedra Kennedy said...

Yup,it could definitely be worse. My hubby had knee surgery 3 years ago due to a torn meniscus that the doc figured he actually tore about 10 years prior. It was a minor tear that ended up becoming major because it never got properly diagnosed or treated. So I am UBER paranoid about any sort of knee pain.
I suspect that a lot of this is stemming from tight hips & stronger outer quads. I see some quality time by the fire with a thera-band and foam roller in my near future, ha ha.

Yo Momma Runs said...

Glad you got that checked on! It's definitely important not to ignore those nagging feelings of pain. I'm interested to hear what the second doc says. Are you going to tell them what the other doctor said or just see what they come up with?

And I hope the rehab works well!

Phaedra Kennedy said...

Absolutely! I'm not going to say anything to the second doc, I'm just going to see what she comes up with. Fingers crossed I'm back at it sooner rather than later!

Beka said...

oh my gosh -11. My Florida brain is not even capable of processing that kind of weather. I'd definitely go into shock and fall out. hot yoga - yes please. Haha! Thankfully nothing too serious is going on and I'm hoping that a little PT gets you up and back at it quickly. Take care of those hips, P! :)

Phaedra Kennedy said...

Ha ha's definitely chilly! I hope it's nothing serious either because I'm losing my mind right now.