Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dreaming Big on the Canada Day Long Weekend

 It's the Canada Day long weekend.  Normally we spend this weekend up north but given the fact that we've been going non stop for for the last couple of months, we've decided to stay put.  I'm looking forward to a laid back weekend around the house.   That's not to say I won't miss the quiet of being on a lake & hearing the crickets at night but there is plenty of amazing scenery in and around the city.    This morning hubby and I hopped in the car and drove 30 minutes north west to the town of Bolton to go for a ride.  The roads are amazing out that way.   A lot of them are newly paved.  And the hills!!  Oy!  They are relentless.  We rode this route a lot when we were training for Ironman and I think it's probably been at least 3 years since I've been out that way.  It was a gorgeous day, baking hot even at 8:30 am when we set off.   I forgot how much I really enjoy that route.  So much has changed since I last rode it but it really does give you a nice picture of what some of the Ontario countryside looks like.  We rode up and down a lot hills, which is normal for Ontario.  I think you could safely say we're a province of rollers.  Even further north, in Central Ontario the roads are still quite roller-coaster-esq in nature.  Further north than that, I'm not sure what happens other than a lot of trees, bears and logging roads.   Yup, Ontario is huge.  I've never done it but I've heard that it takes 24 hours to drive from Toronto to the Manitoba border, which is insane.  You could get to Florida from Toronto in that time!  And we're only one province in a country made of up 9 more provinces and 3 territories! 
In my 41 years, I've only ever been to 5 of the provinces, if I include passing through New Brunswick on our way to Prince Edward Island.  Those 5 provinces couldn't be any different.  Vancouver, in the west with it's lovely coastal climate and laid back life style.  Quebec, the french speaking province that gave us the gift of poutine and maple syrup.  Halifax, the lovely ocean side city with the brightly painted houses.  New Brunswick, the no-mans land of rocks and trees, at least from what I saw out the passenger window as we drive through it and lastly, Prince Edward Island;  the place that gave us Anne of Green Gables and some of the best potatoes I've ever had.  All so different topographically and culturally yet all so very Canadian.  I know one thing,  I need to get out and see more of this wonderful country, this True North Strong and Free
One of the women I swim with is taking a 6 month sabbatical from work and driving across parts of Canada with her partner.  They're going to travel for 4 months.  They've already done a fair bit of travel across Canada so this trip they'll head to some new places that the missed on their last go round.  This of course got me thinking about how I'd like to see Canada.  Driving would be fun, but it would be really amazing to run or cycle it.  Much like Chris' plan to traverse all the paths in his hometown of Lincolnshire, UK.  Funnily enough, in 5 years time, the Trans Canada Trail should be officially complete.  A continuous trail that spans the entire country from coast to coast.  Some areas you can ride and some might be better for running.   That would be amazing.  I can't even being to imagine how long it would take to cover all 23,000 km.  But I can dream about it..and what's life without a little dreaming?   Given that I've got 4 days off, I've got a fair bit of time to lay about and dream big.

Happy Canada Day!

What are you doing to celebrate? 

Have you traveled across your country?  If not, how many provinces (or states for my American friends) have you seen?

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