Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goal Re-Evaluation

Well, I'm 4 days away from my first race of the year and I've got to say, I'm really not feelin' it.  I've had a rough few weeks of training leading up to this race.  Last week was the first week I managed to get all my scheduled training in.  This week, I've been feeling somewhat run down and like I'm on the verge of getting sick.  I skipped my tempo run last night because of my stuffy nose and foggy head and I went to bed extra early.  I skipped my swim this morning to get an extra hours sleep so I feel somewhat better today.  My nose is still a bit stuffy but I don't feel like a sack of hammers any more.  So, the big question is (for me anyway) what do I think I'll be capable of this weekend?  The answer:  I haven't got a clue.  I really don't.   I do think that my original goal of 1:40 may be tough to make but I don't think I'll be too far off that.  On the other hand, all this extra rest could be doing wonders for me so who knows...?? 

Things I need to focus on for the rest of this week:

1) Getting as much rest as possible.
2) Eating well & staying hydrated.
3) Staying positive.

Simple right?


aggosst! said...

This might seem like small (or stupid) comfort, but remember that women's 1/2 that I posted a 7:38 pb on? After running a 35K adventure race the weekend before, I then spent the entire week leading up to the half lying in bed sick (didn't even go to work till the Friday). Somehow, I got out of it really well-rested and ran my ass off! :) Good luck!!

Phaedra Kennedy said...

Thanks Babs! It's good to hear from someone who's had a positive racing experience after being sick!