Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On A Cold Winter's Day

Sharp breath in.  Wind slaps my face.  Cuts like a knife.
Should have worn 2 pairs of gloves.  -13 + windchill is F-ing cold.

Westward I go, catching shelter from buildings.  City running.
Safe for now.  Wait till I hit the lakeshore.  

Sun is shining.  Sky is clear.  Cold is biting.  Finger tips are getting numb.
Yup 2 pairs of gloves would have been smart.

Under the Dundas Rail Bridge.  Past a girl with a cigarette.  Smoke Signals.

Wind tunnel and Dundas and Bloor.  Face hurts.  Time for the "neck gaiter".
Ahhh shelter.  Oh man it's cold.  Hopefully I'll make it.

Nose & mouth covered.  Fingers numb.  Eyes watering.
I'd kill for something hot right now.  How much farther?

Into High Park.  Hit the trails.  Take shelter.
Much better.  Beautiful morning light.  Time for a picture.

Up Spring Road, along the top loop.  Wind at my back.
I think I can feel my hands warming up.

Queensway, cross.  Lakeshore.  Stop.  Red Light.
Wow, look at the lake.  Looks like smoke on the water.

Green light, go.  Down to the water to take a closer look.
Water is warmer than the air, steam rising off it.  Picture didn't do it justice.

Brutal wind.  Ducks don't seem to mind.  Glasses fogging.
Halfway home and dreaming of a fire and a hot bath.

Humber Bay Park.  Into the trails.  Tall grass paths give shelter.
Steel bird statues.  Pretty cool. 

Back onto Lakeshore.  Contemplating a coffee stop.
Only 4 more km.  Git 'er done.

In and out of the shadows.  In and out of the wind.
Legs are tired.  Will need a good stretch.

Down First St.  Prince of Wales Park. Back to the water.
It's really cold down here.  

Onto Lakefront Promenade.  Follow the slanted road to 3rd.
Check out our house twin.  They're still not in.  Too bad.

Check my distance.  Might have to add a bit at the end.

Up 7th to Morrison.  Past 10th to 11th.  Turn around.  Meters from home.
12:01 km.  Good enough.  Time to light a fire and have a bath.

Next time I'll be more prepared for a cold winter's day.

All photographs copyright Phaedra Kennedy 2012.

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