Sunday, January 29, 2012

On Any Given Sunday

Everyone has their own Sunday ritual, for some people it's church, for others it's football.  For me it's my day to go long.  It's my long run day.  Last Sunday marked the start of yet another quest.   This time I'm tackling the 26.2 mile monster.  Another 16 weeks of long runs through whatever Mother Nature has to throw at me, which doesn't seem to be much given the way this winter is going.

I really look forward to these runs, these lovely little escapades that end my week.  I run them mostly solo.  Sometimes I have company.  They give me the time to tune out or tune in depending on the situation.  They build my strength and tear it down all in one go.  They give me time to reflect and time to observe.   Some days are amazing and some I'd rather forget.  The route I take may be the same but the experience is always different.  That's why on any given Sunday, you'll find me out going long.

Geese - copyright Phaedra Kennedy 2012

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