Monday, December 19, 2011

Re-Kindling The Love.

The first few steps were tentative but I quickly found my stride.  Just like riding a bike.  Your body never really forgets how to move.  I turned the corner only to be beaten back by a huge gust of wind.  Good thing I brought my gloves.  I pulled out my crappy little knit gloves and pulled them on.  Much better.  The wind was gusting and pushing me around.  Awesome.  Nothing like a beat down from Mother Nature on your first foray back to running.  Oh well.  Wind is my friend.  It makes me stronger.  Yeah, I'll go with that.

The push from the wind made me work that much harder but I didn't mind.  It just felt so good to be out again.  To get my heart working and to feel that my stride is still strong.  I could feel the fog of the last few weeks clearing with every step.  My senses becoming more and more focused.   I scanned my body as I ran.  How did my legs feel?  How was my hamstring?  No pain, no tightness.  Excellent.  Keep going.  Shoulders back, no slouching.  

I headed along Bloor towards the apartment, dodging pedestrians.  Yup still light on my feet.  A smile spreading across my face.  Oh how I've missed this.  2+ weeks is far too long.  I need this.  I bounded up the street towards the apartment with a renewed sense of purpose and energy.  This was the most alive I've felt in ages.  I took the stairs two at a time, already thinking about tomorrow's route.  It's official...the love is back.

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