Friday, December 30, 2011


I literally bounded down the street.  Boing, boing boing.  Just like a cartoon character.  I could see the lake as soon as I stepped out the door.  Ahhhh so good to be back.
Round the bend.  Past the pool.  It's closed now.  Last time I was here it was open for business.
Down 11th.  Winding road.  Onto Lake Promenade.  Ohhh someone is turning that bungalow into a 2 storey.  Nice!  

Pass a fellow runner.  Smile & Wave returned!  The west end is the best end for friendly folks.
Into Stan Smith Park.  Hit by the wind coming off the lake.  Trail or bike path? Hmmmm.  Bike path it is.
Stan Smith Park: copyright Phaedra Kennedy 2011

Dark low slung clouds.  Snow! Ducks on the lake. Quack quack.  Pretty as a picture.  Click click.  Brrrrr.  Gotta keep moving. 

Music?  Ah yes, the figure 8 skating rink.  Whoosh whoosh go the skaters as the glide by.  Cross the driveway, back onto the winding path.  Wind tunnel coming up.  Geeeez it's COLD.   Gusting, pushing.  Not for long.
Stan Smith Park: copyright
Phaedra Kennedy 2011
Skies opening over the spit.  Beautiful.  Click Click.  Gloves back on.  Westward I go.  Look out doggie, here I come.  Share the path.  Thank you! 

Into the shelter of the houses on Lake Promenade.  House for sale on the water.  Cha-ching!  Past the 30th street parkette and the weepy trees.  Cyclist goes by.  Wow!  Crazy, it's freezing out!  More runners, smiles and waves returned.  Yup the west end is the best end.  Coming up to 36th street.  Continue? I glance at my watch.  Maybe next time.  I turn around and retrace my steps.  My legs are like a metronome now.  I know this road.  I've missed road.  It's good to be home.

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