Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snippets from a Saturday Morning Run

Out the door into the sunshine.

Woof Woof.  Hi Maggie, cute sweater.  No I can't stay and play, gotta go for my run.

Down Riverside to the top of the hill.  Take in the view.  Picture time.  Palace Pier in silhouette.

Palace Pier

Off I go.  Across the street, boogity boogity.  Ugh, tights are sagging.  Red light, stop, adjust tights.

Maybe I'm overdressed....nah.

Hit the path.  Left or right?  Hmmmm....right.

Eastbound towards Ontario Place.  Lots of runners.  Even more cyclists.  Oh look, sun hitting the water, birds overhead.  More pics, click click.  Bob and weave around the pack of walkers.

Wow those trees look great.  Click.  

Robo Cop runner in full compression gear.  Avoids eye contact.  Far too focused on running like a superhero.  Ha ha ha ha.  

Uphill to the Legion.  Ohhh cops are out - SPEEDTRAP!  Wonder if I'd register on the radar.  Chug chug chug up the hill.  Turn up the volume.

He's nearing the brink but he thinks first 
The parallel universe could be the perfect scene
He's nearing the brink but he thinks first 
The parallel universe could be the perfect scene
He's nearing the brink but he thinks first
The parallel
I think you should know you're his favourite worst nightmare.....

Past the Argo rowing club.  Rowers!  Ohhhh this is a nice pic.  Gel time.  


Blue skies, seagulls and airplanes.  Almost at Ontario place.   Hmmm....right or straight? Last time I went right.  Straight it is.

More runners.  Loads.  No one waves.  Cranky buggers.  Didn't your mom ever teach you about manners.   Watch the cyclist!   Stick to the right.

Inukshuk.  This deserves a picture.  Love this.   Look both ways before getting back on the path.       Around the bend.  Hello there Mr. Smiley; wow you're tall.  Nice shirt, I've done that race too. 


By the trees.  Memorial sign.  Beautiful light.  Winding path to Tip Top Tailors.  Wonder if I'll get to Spadina?  Hmmm...maybe, not sure.

Down the path past Tip Top.  WOOOOOSH.  Into the wind tunnel.  Holy smokes. Out on to Queens Quay.  43 minutes and change.  Probably won't make it to Spadina.  Bathurst.  Red light.  Almost 45 minutes out.  Keep going?  Yup yup.  Look at that.  45 minutes out and I'm at Dan Leckie Way.  Close to Spadina but not quite.  Gel time again.

Turn around.  Red light again.  Cabs everywhere.  Legs feel good.  Time to pick up the pace.  Going to negative split the run.  West along Queens Quay, retracing my steps.  Back into the wind tunnel.  Pushing pushing.  By the trees & memorial sign.  Runner up ahead.  Target acquired.  Caught.  Bye Bye.

Go go, around the bend.  By the Inukshuk.  Into the wind.  Where did that come from?  Bloody hell.  More runners up ahead.  Pick, pick, pick.   

Off on your way, hit the open road,
There is magic at your fingers
For the Spirit ever lingers,
Undemanding contact in your happy solitude

Caught you.  And you.  And you.  On the promenade.  Right into the wind.  Chilly.

Down the hill past the Legion. Here comes the Robocop Runner again.  Avoids eye contact again.  Well aren't you just too cool for school.  

At the Palais Royal.  Smells like burnt toast.

Ohhhhh yeaaaahhhhhh.   You wreck me baby.  
You break me in two.  
But you move me honey, 
Yes you do......

Sunnyside Pavilion.  Shelter from the wind.  Hello Mr. Smiley.  Nice to see you again.  Legs are starting to tire.  Pace is hard.  Heart rate hovering around 165.  Give 'er.  Tourists on a bench.  Family snapshot.  Say Cheese!

There's something wrong 
With this plot
The actors here 
Have not got

A clue
Baby I'm howlin' for you.   
Da da da da da, da da da da da.

Getting closer.  Red light turns green.  Gotta go, can't stop.  All the way across Lakeshore.  Queensway, red light.  Gu wrappers into the garbage.  Should be home soon.  Another 10 minutes, maybe?

Up a wee hill, on the Kingsway.   Careful, lots of cars. Cross the street.  SWOOSH. Lexus on the wrong side of the road blows by me.  Idiot.  Up the Riverside hill.  Push push push.  Ouch ouch ouch.  Legs hurt.  Want to stop.  Heaving lungs.  Lactic acid.  Ease up.  Catch my breath at the top.  Second wind, back at it again.  Minutes from home.  Musical interlude, playing air bass in my head.  Leave That Thing Alone.  Bring me home boys.  Round the bend and down to the pathway with 3 minutes to spare.

Happy Days. 

All images Copyright Phaedra Kennedy, 2011


aggosst! said...

Another beautiful post! Such a pleasure to read. This was like semi-visual poetry.

Phaedra Kennedy said...

Thanks Babs!! I had fun writing it.