Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now - Sable Optics Goggle Review

I have gone through more types of goggles than I care to admit.  Having a small face means that I am limited to a few styles and even then, those styles don't always work well for me.  The big issue I have with most goggles is lens clarity, followed closely by fogging.   I don't know which is more annoying to be honest.

My husband got a pair of the prescription goggles from the Team Running Free silent auction and he went on and on about how good they were.  I figured they were good because they were prescription so he could finally see clearly.  He said otherwise.  I thought $50 was steep for a pair of goggles so I never bothered investigating any further.

This year I was lucky enough to get a free pair of the RS 101 goggles in the Team Running Free product lottery, with the caveat that I had to review them.   They couldn't have come at a better time as my current goggles were driving me crazy.   I was curious to try them as I had noticed many of my fellow Master's club members wearing them.

After much fiddling and experimentation with changeable the nose pieces, I finally settled on one that seemed to keep the goggles where they should be on my eyes without pinching the bridge of my nose.   I have to say, the goggles did not disappoint.  They were crystal clear and they didn't fog.  At least for the first few times I wore them.  About a month after I got them I noticed they started to fog up during swims.  Not a lot, just slightly.  It was enough be a bit distracting.  I cleaned them as recommended.  First time back in the pool they seemed fine.  There seemed to be one "fuzzy" patch on the left lens but I thought it was just another foggy patch.  I continued to use them until after an open water swim, I lost one of the seals around the lens.  It just popped off and I lost it in the water.  Not to worry though, I contacted Sable and they shipped me a replacement pair of seals that just easily popped back on.  At no charge I might add.

When I was putting seals on I looked through the lenses and noticed that the left one had what looked like a smudge on it.  I gently cleaned it off only to find that it wasn't a smudge it was a series of small scratches.  This would explain the "fuzz" that I was seeing, and that I thought was actually fog.  I was disappointed to say the least.  I was very gentle when cleaned them so how they became scratched is beyond me.  It obviously doesn't take much to scratch the lens on these goggles.  Either that or I'm a lot harder on things than I think I am.  Good thing Sable offers a one time lens replacement.  I may actually take them up on that.

I have since borrowed by husbands second pair of Sables (after a very annoying experience with a pair of Tyr goggles) and I'm having the same issue with fogging.  I haven't cleaned these ones for fear of scratching them.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong if anything.  They are always sealed well around my eyes so I am at a loss.  Today's swim was no exception.  Within 10 minutes the goggles were completely fogged up.   I don't want to pay $50 for a pair of goggles that fog up within 10 minutes of use after only a month's wear.  If that wasn't the case, I'd give these goggles a 10 out of 10.  The fit is great and the customer service is excellent but I expect a little bit more from a quality stand point for the price.

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