Friday, March 4, 2011

Forty Schmorty - I still feel 20!

I really do. Not that I really remember what 20 feels like but I imagine it was probably much like this. At least that's what I like to think anyway.

I had a wonderful day yesterday. Work was not too stressful, and I slacked on my relatively healthy way of eating and was actually ok with it. I usually feel a little guilty if I don't eat well like I'm denying my body proper fuel. Which is kinda silly, really. A little indulgence once and a while is an ok thing. Not overdoing it is key.

Nutrition is one thing that I've been really focused on the last few months. I put on a few extra lbs last year (about 8 which for me is a lot) and I had a hell of a time getting rid of them. I discovered a program called Precision Nutrition which I have been following since October. My eating patterns have changed as well as what I eat and when I eat it. My body has changed dramatically, especially in the last 2 months. I feel stronger and I'm definitely leaner than I've ever been. The big question is, how will that translate to my racing. I guess I'll find out on Sunday.

Speaking of which, I'm having my usual pre-race freak out. Did I do enough mileage, will I meet my goal (sub 1:50) blah blah blah. Geez. Someone sent me a link to an article in Joel Friel's blog about Ironman Race Prep which I think is applicable across the board when it comes to racing.

"One week before a challenging A-priority race such as an Ironman Triathlon I ask the athlete to prepare a written plan. This is based on what we have learned in training and should include such things as goals, keys to success, race-day nutrition, pacing in each sport, key thoughts before and during the race, and anything else the athlete believes is important."

Taking this approach and breaking the race out into thirds, my day would look something like this:

Goal: Sub 1:50

Keys for Success:

1) Hydration & Nutrition. Make sure I drink & take gels every 15 minutes. Drink & eat earlier than I think I need to!

2) Do NOT go out too hard. Ease into my pace. Ideally I run 5:15's for the first 3 km and then pick it up to 5:00/min km's. This is going to be tough for me, I always start too hard.


1) Get a good night's sleep on Friday night.

2) Carbs on Friday, a lighter dinner on Saturday. Low fiber on Saturday as well.

3) Pack up everything I need the day before. Double check everything before I go to bed. Make sure I include a change of clothes for post race.

Race Morning:

1) Get to the start line early

2) Make sure I warm up.


4) Think positive. The body follows the mind!

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carolyn said...

That was an excellent reminder for tomorrow's race. Good luck andbi hope I see you out there.