Monday, February 2, 2015

This Time Next Week.....

I will be lying on a beach sipping an adult beverage.  Or maybe having a nap.  Or maybe swimming in the ocean.  Who knows.  All I know is that I will not be here dealing with this.

Instead I will be enjoying this:

 HECK YEAH.   I'm really looking forward to running outside in shorts, white legs and all!

I had a fairly quiet weekend but it still went by really quickly.  G and I went out to the Toronto Premium Outlets in Halton Hills on Saturday afternoon.  Holy Moly.  If I had more time I probably would have done some serious damage.   Thankfully I had to get back to get to my hairdressers.  But not before I ended up buying a pair of Adidas Energy Boost running shoes, a Saucony running jacket, some new undies and the coolest pair of Ted Baker pants at the best price ever.  They were regularly $255 and I got them for $40.  Yes, you read that correctly.  FORTY FREAKING BUCKS.  I LOVE a good deal.  They were the last pair there and I almost didn't try them on because they were a size smaller than what I normally wear and I didn't think I'd be able to squeeze into them. But, amazingly they fit.

G ended up getting together with his buddies for Superbowl Sunday so I spent the afternoon icing my knee, working on training plans, packing my suitcase and prepping food for the week.  I had no real interest in watching the game so I watched an episode of Sherlock and did some laundry.  Oh yeah, I know how to live it up, ha ha.

Last week I said I was going to dial it back but that somehow didn't happen, at least not in terms of time.  I went back to Pilates this week which was great.  I also swam a fair bit but I only ran once.  I rode three times though.  The intensity level wasn't very high, except on my run.  I went out and hammered out 3km at 5km pace.   I have a long way to go to getting my speed back.   But my knees need to behave themselves first.  Anyway, this is how my week rolled out.

Monday:  a.m.:  2800m swim, p.m. Pilates
Tuesday:  60 minutes of strength and mobility
Wednesday:  2000m swim in a.m.  6.67km run in the p.m.
Thursday:  70 minutes in the gym in the a.m.  26km on trainer in the p.m.
Friday:  OFF
Saturday:  35 minutes of hills on the bike.  BAD IDEA.  Knee was already sore in the morning but that put it over the edge.
Sunday:  2500m swim, 1h 15 minutes on the computrainer.

Sunday Morning Swim and my pasty white legs

Hills on the computrainer.  I love that it's called Alien Crop Circle.  WTH?

Total time:  8h 57 minutes.  So much for dialing it back.  Geez.

I don't think I'm going to have much choice this week as my left knee is a mess.  It feels like my kneecap has gone back to where it was at the outset of all of this and now it's pinching my fat pad constantly, even when I'm walking.   I'm going to work on stretching and rolling this week in the hopes that things will loosen up and my kneecap will sort itself out.

How was your weekend?  Are you dealing with a ton of snow?
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