Monday, February 9, 2015


Happy Monday people! I'm currently sitting in a lounge chair looking at the Atlantic Ocean so I can't complain about my day. Apparently Toronto got hammered with snow yesterday. Thankfully we go out on Saturday before things got too bad. This happened the last time we went away in 2013. Ironically around the exact same time. Although last time I wasn't sick. Now I'm sitting here with a wad of Kleenex, blowing my nose every few minutes. Damn sinuses. Oh well, if I'm going to be sick I guess I'd rather be able to lie around outside in the sun than inside in the middle of a snow storm.
We flew out Saturday morning after about an hour or so delay. The flight was ok, thankfully I downloaded a movie to watch on the iPad or else I would have been stuck watching some randomw Jason Bateman movie that I'd never heard of. Sunwing needs to get out of the 90's and update their planes, haha. Anyway, by the time we got to the resort it was almost 5:00pm. We got a tour, checked in and made our way to dinner. I was going downhill fast so by 8:30 pm I was in bed asleep. Yeah I know how to live it up. I slept until 6:30 am the next day. Clearly I needed the sleep. We opted to hit the gym, which was pretty decent as far as resort gyms go. We then spent the rest of the day horizontal at the beach. Although I did spend the better part of an hour playing in the huge waves yesterday. Yes, I'm a 6 year old trapped in a 43 year olds body, haha.
I had said I was going to dial it back this past week and I did. I think I probably should have done even less as I think I was fighting this damn cold all week. Anyway, this is how last week went down.
Monday: slept in
Tuesday: 50 minute strength session followed by a wicked little 5km progression run on the mill.
Wednesday: 2600m swim in the am followed by a 50 minute ride in the pm
Thursday: 60 minutes of strength and mobility work followed by a 4.16km run on the mill again
Friday: 1850m swim
Saturday: travel day
Sunday: 45 minute strength workout + some playing in the surf.

Total time: 5 hours 46 minutes. I don't suspect this week will even come remotely close to that. We tried swimming in one of the pools here this morning and that was a bit of a joke. It's a very slow pool so it really felt like a struggle. We did manage to go out for a run, which was great. I'd love to try open water swimming but the water is way too rough. The undertow is quite strong and the red flag is out again at the beach. Hopefully tomorrow it will be calmer.
Stay safe and warm guys! I'll do my best to bring some sunshine and warmth back on Sunday!
Anyone else counting the days before they go away?

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