Sunday, May 5, 2013

When Worlds Collide

There's no denying that the advent of social media has made this small world even smaller and introduced the world to a whole new way of interacting.  Through things like Facebook, Instagram and twitter, you can commiserate, congratulate and celebrate with like minded folks all over the world - people that share whatever your passion may be.  If you get to meet them IRL (in real life) then that is an added bonus. 

I was lucky enough to meet a whole bunch of these people last night.  Yeah, it was EPIC (to quote Krysten aka Darwinian Fail).

The oh so amazing Pavement Runner (Brian) was in town to run the Toronto Marathon so Krysten organized a Fit Fluential Carb-Load meet up at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  I am not a Fit Fluential ambassador but I plan on rectifying that at the next available opportunity.  The crew that showed up last night was simply awesome.  I didn't get to chat with everyone but there were a lot of folks that I recognized simply from their blogs or pics that they post on twitter or Instagram.  I recognized Kierston (CandyFit) and Morgan (Life After Bagels) right away.  As well as Brian of course.  Then there were some new folks that I had the pleasure of meeting like Janice - aka FitCheerleader.

I am quite shy when I meet new people for the first time but I have to say, I felt 100% comfortable with everyone the minute I walked in.  Krysten and Brian both came over and chatted with me - I'm going to honest, I was a little bit start struck, ha ha.  They are both absolutely lovely folks.  Krysten had put together goodie bags for everyone filled with Clif Bar products.  SWEET!  I sat myself down at the head of the table since I was a bit late. I fell into easy conversation with Axel (Iron Rogue) and Janice.  Once we started talking about running / racing, it was hard to get us to stop.  A little later on we were joined by Derek, his wife Tammy and their friend Lea, all of whom came in from Waterloo to run the full.  They were SO much fun!  Then the lovely Christina (The Athletarian) showed up.  If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have any pictures, ha ha.  Yeah, I even brought a camera but I was so busy talking I didn't use it! Luckily she said I could steal away so I did (thanks chicka!)

L-R top to bottom:  Krysten & Christina, Moi & Christina, Brian & Danielle, Christina, Jess & Kierston.  See list below for blogs - thank to Christina for the use of the pic!
If you haven't already, you need to go and check out all these folks.  Seriously amazing and inspiring people.  I know there are a couple of folks I missed so I apologize!!

Krysten:  The Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail
Christina:  The Athletarian
Brian:  Pavement Runner
Danielle: Work it Wear it Eat it
Jess: Truly Jess
Kierston:  Candy Fit
Morgan:  Life After Bagels
Janice:  The Fitness Cheerleader
Lisa:  Tea and Giggles
Robyn:  Robyn Baldwin
Axel:  Iron Rogue

Towards the end of the night a girl I thought I recognized came over to introduce herself.  Sure enough it was Alyssa Wodabeck.  We follow each other on twitter and instagram and I always thought her name was familiar.  She's a photographer so I thought that's why I knew her name, just from working in the biz.  I was kind of right.  She actually interned with Nikki Ormerod, one of the photographers I produce for!  Just goes to show you how horrible my memory is!!  Talk about my worlds colliding!  Never did I think I'd run into someone from my "work" life out in my "hobby" life but I guess it was bound to happen at some point.  Further proof that social media is totally shrinking the world we live in!

Even though I didn't race this weekend,  I still got into the race spirit.  I spent Saturday morning helping out at the Running Free booth at the Toronto Marathon Expo and had a total blast doing that.  Saturday morning was my first IRL meet up of a twitter / facebook pal.  I finally met Dave Emilio (Beaches Runner) .  We've raced all the same races this year and I had yet to meet him until he came by and introduced himself. Such a nice guy.  I met some new Team Running Free teammates and Esther, the race director for the Hamilton Marathon as well.  She wants me to come and run it so that might be something I consider.  It's two weeks after Scotia so I suppose if I don't make my sub 1:30 goal there, I can give it another shot in Hamilton.  Apparently it's a super fast course.

This morning after our swim, G and I hopped on our bikes and rode out to the finish line of the Mississauga Marathon.  A friend of mine that I coached was racing as was my friend Paul who was also at the Fit Fluential meet up last night.  It was fun to cheer folks on as they were heading towards the finish line.  I really wanted to be running but I think I made the right choice by taking it easy.  Instead, I got some extra time in the saddle which is never a bad thing, especially since Woodstock is 3 weeks away.

Did you race this weekend?  Have you met any bloggers / online friends in real life?

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