Monday, April 30, 2012

Keeping the Cooties at Bay

This is the critical week for me.  Forget all the weeks of training, this week is the *big* week.  It's the week that I absolutely have to stay healthy.   The last thing I want is to get a cold the week of my A-race.  Knock on wood, that hasn't happened yet but my gallivanting in the Caribbean last week is a sure fire recipe for a germ invasion.  In fact, I felt like I was getting sick the day after we got back.  After a couple of solid nights of sleep, I am pretty sure I nipped it in the bud.

But just in case, I'm taking extra precautions this week.  Those precautions involve a regular dose of Cold FX Daily Defense, along with some extra vitamin C and drinking a lot of fluids.  Given that my sinuses are also prone to getting infected, I've taken to using the neti pot daily and I'm keeping my trusty Sudafed handy as well.  I've had to take one this morning already.  If I even feel the slightest scratchy throat or sniffle, I'm busting out the Oil of Oregano.  Maybe I'm going a bit overboard but I'd rather be safe than sidelined this Sunday.

What do you turn to to try to keep a cold at bay?

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Katrin Faridani said...

Go for Oregano oil. It stings but does the trick. Even my pooches get it in their food :)