Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Musings: Boogity Boogity Boogity I'm Going Racing!

Happy Monday!

Last week totally FLEW by.   Whatever worries I had about keeping busy have flown right out the window.   Although truth be told most of my week last week was taken up with studying for my PT exam.  I wrote that on Thursday night and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  It was a tough exam but I think I did ok.  You need 80% total between the case study and the multiple choice to pass so we shall see.  It was definitely a lot to take in / remember over a 3 week period!   As much as I stressed out about the exam, I found that I quite enjoyed the learning process.  I found a lot of what we studied very interesting so I am planning on reading the entire textbook.  I suspect it will be a good resource moving forward as well.

It's exciting for me to be in a place where I look forward to learning because I love what I do.

I've finally put the ball in motion for my coaching web page so I'm aiming to have that done by the beginning of March.  Just in time for my birthday, ha ha.

In other big news, guess who ran 22km yesterday???  YEAH THAT'S RIGHT!  That was my second longest run this year.  I had NO pain, no issues what-so-ever, other than a tight glut / hip at about 16km, which I stopped to stretch.  So, you know what that means?  I'm signing up for a race.  It's not going to be fast, and I can guarantee you, it's not going to be pretty but it's going to be FUN!  G and I are heading down to Florida at the end of January.  We're going to be in Clermont so of course I poked around on the internet to see what sort of races were happening nearby.  I remember reading about the Daytona Beach Half a few years ago so that was the first race I checked out.  Daytona is an hour and 20 minutes away from Clermont.  AND, the fun part?  You start and finish the race with a lap of the historic Nascar race course.   Given that G is a huge Nascar fan, I think this is a no brainer.  It's the first weekend after we get down there so I'm not sure if I'll be used to the heat by then but we'll see.  That being said, it hasn't been terribly warm there either so who knows.  Either way, it looks like that will be race number one of 2017.  WOOHOO!

I can't believe that only 3 months ago, I couldn't run more than 5-6km and I felt like crap every time I went out running.  The body is a truly amazing thing.  I felt like I'd never find that flow again and yesterday's run was pretty much perfect.  It was a tough run because I chose a very hilly route but, I felt great until about 17-18km then my legs started to feel tired.  Which is pretty darn good considering it's only been about 4 weeks since I hit the "teens" in my running.  I'm chalking it up to hitting the gym regularly again.  I cannot begin to tell you the difference that has made.  I am a huge advocate for strength training in ANY sort of endurance program.  I have all of my athletes do it.  Even if it's just body weight exercises, it's better than nothing. list bit of news, I had thrown in the towel on racing for a team this year because of last year's injury.  I was going to just do my own thing and then research some teams this year for my 2018 season.  Well, the wonderful folks at Zoot have asked me back so I will be donning the Zoot logo once again for 2017.  YEAH!

On the training front, this week has been pretty solid.  Normally I used to take one full day off, now I'm doing an active recovery day which is usually swim and a short 30 minute easy spin.  That seems to really make my legs feel better by Tuesday.  I haven't taken full rest day since January 6th.  So we'll see how this week goes and then I suspect I'll probably take a couple of days off.  I have a massage scheduled for Thursday so I know that will help with recovery as well.  I can't believe how good I've been feeling.  It's a nice change of pace!  Anyway, here's how my week went down this week.  I have failed miserably at my Instagram game this week so I hardly have any pictures!

Monday:  30 minute recovery ride

Tuesday:  12km run, 60 minutes strength training

Wednesday:  90 minute ride

Thursday:  5.7km run + 33 minutes strength training

Friday:  2200m swim - first time back in the pool in over 2.5 weeks!  Look at how happy I am, ha ha.

Saturday:  2 hour ride

Sunday:  22km run

Total Time:  9h 57 minutes

How was your week of training?  

Coach PK 

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