Friday, December 23, 2016

Winding Down and Starting Up

The day that I never thought would come, finally came yesterday.   It was my last official day as a full time employee.  As I posted on Instagram this morning, today is the first day of the rest of my life.  It seems surreal.  I don't think it will really hit me until the new year when everyone goes back to work. THAT will be when the reality hits me.  For now, I'm distracted with Christmas plans and recovering from G's 50th birthday dinner last night (6 people, 5 bottles of Prosecco = one groggy morning after).   I will be keeping this space online as my personal space so expect to see the usual race reports and gear reviews.  I'll be launching a separate website that will be strictly for my coaching business.  I don't have a timeline for that yet but it will be later in the new year.  Keep your eyes peeled for that!

I've been logging miles on the road thanks to my trusty running pal.  I don't normally have a problem getting out and getting it done on my own but having someone to run with makes it much more fun.  I'm up to 13km and tomorrow I'm going to tackle 15km.   I have no hamstring pain any more (yay!).  My knees still bother me from time to time but I think that's just going to be the story of my life from now on.  That's part of aging that I have to learn to accept.  

I've slowly gotten back into the gym and am starting to feel stronger.   What I've been neglecting is the bike.  I finally hit my 5,000km for the year mark last week.  I'm still riding but I'm not logging any more than 50-75km per week right now and most of it is base mileage.  I'll start to build that back up after Christmas so I'm ready to hit the road when we get to Florida at the end of January.  Speaking of which, can I just say after all the snow we've had, that trip can't come soon enough!  I'm going to have two whole months of sunshine and no snow!  WOOHOOOO!

I was going to recap 2016 but I'll save that for post Christmas along with a sneak peek into 2017 plans.   Until then, this is Coach PK, wishing you all a very Happy Holiday!  xo

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