Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekly Re-cap and a Spectating Spectacular!

Happy Monday folks! When you wake up to this view on a Monday, it's never going to be a bad day.

We spent the weekend at my friend Kiki's cottage as G was racing Muskoka 70.3. There were actually a whole bunch of people I knew that were racing. 18 to be exact. I can't remember ever knowing that many people that were racing the same event. It definitely made for some fun spectating. I almost lost my voice by the end of the day, haha. Thank goodness for cowbells! Kiki and I really go into the spirit and made some "motivational" signs.
The bottom sign got a lot of laughs. Along with our dance moves and cheers of "You. Are. Amazing!"

Everyone was quite happy with their respective races. We even had a few WTP folks either place or win their age groups!! G had a good day until about 13km into the run when he totally caved. It got really hot and I don't think he hydrated enough to keep up with how much he was sweating. He was totally out of it when I saw him running into the finishing chute. He actually lost his balance and stumbled like he was drunk. I found him lying on the grass by the misting tent after he crossed the finish line. He was covered in salt. I got him more water but they didn't have any sort of electrolyte drink at the finish line. They did have alcohol free beer so I got him a glass of that. He drank a bit and eventually got up and then we went to get him some food. He dumped two whole packets of salt on everything. After he got some food and sodium into his belly, his face started to regain some colour and he started to seem more like himself. When I found him he was pasty and his lips were a bit blue. Looking back we probably should have taken him to the medical tent.
A bunch of us got together at my friend David's parents place in Huntsville for a post race BBQ which was lovely. Heather brought a bottle of champagne and we toasted everyone's accomplishments. It was a great way to close out the day. And of course there were pictures....
Happy Finishers!
Other than than G's scary finish, it was a fun day. I ran into Irina and her friend (Tammy?) who was working the finishing line. When I heard that, it almost made me wish I was racing. Being greeted by Irina's big smile and genuine enthusiasm would be the best thing at the end of a day like that!! I also ran into Dana, whom I met at Bala. She was grinning from ear to ear. It was her first half Ironman and she had a great day. So many happy finishers!
Since G was tapering, I didn't really do much this past week. Call it support,haha.  In all seriousness, my knees have started to bother me again so I took Tuesday off running. They seemed to be better but then I over did it at the gym on Thursday and really messed them up. Normally I would have brought my bike up to the cottage but I opted not to so I could so give my knees a break. I did do a run on Sunday but it was much shorter than I planned on. I'm going to get my butt into Pivot to see Peter and maybe I'll try to get a massage at some point this week. I'm doing Lakeside this weekend and it's the last race in the MSC series so that will be it for my triathlon season, other than Barrelman but I'm not really counting that since I'm not doing the entire thing. I think after Barrelman that will have to be it for me. Anyway, this is how my week broke down...

Monday: 48km bike ride
Tuesday: 90 minutes strength & mobility
Wednesday: 1500m swim (had to get to work)
Thursday: 90 minutes strength & mobility in a.m 7.5km run in p.m
Friday: off
Saturday: off
Sunday: 13.1km in between cheerleading duties!
Total time: 7h 14 minutes
I suspect this week is going to be a whole lot easier since I'll probably not run or ride much. Call it a forced taper. That's what I'm going to do.

How was your week of workouts? 


Krysten Siba Bishop said...

Sorry to hear about your knees. And I am happy to hear G is okay - what a scary finish. Sounds like a great event though

Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

Geez! How scary for G! Glad he was ok. Sounds like another good training week for you. The weather has been pretty nice lately! Even in Chicago.


Ririnette said...

It was great seeing you again and all the awesome peeps finishing: G, Heather, David, Dana (those are the ones I knew from your 18) - I absolutely LOVED sharing the finish line moment with them. I was a bit worried when I saw G as well, but I am glad to hear that he regained his natural color. See you at Lakeside, my last race as well!! Let's hope for a good knee day for both of us.