Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Recovery: How to #FuelYourBetter

Disclaimer:  I was given the opportunity to review this product by Fit Approach in conjunction with Vega, in exchange for an honest review.

The opportunity to review this product couldn't have come at a better time.  I was heading into a huge build for IM Luxembourg 70.3 and figured I was going to need all the help I could get to recover quickly.  I normally just use protein powder in my post workout smoothies.  Sometimes I use GU Brew recovery but I find that can upset my stomach.  I really like the Vega products I've used in the past so I was definitely game to give the Vega Recovery Accelerator a try.  According to the Vega Sport web site, the recovery accelerator is designed to:

  • Replenish energy and electrolytes
  • Reduce inflammation, muscle and joint pain
  • Support immune system function and protein synthesis
  • Reduce recovery time between training
Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator also features a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, a combination shown to increase muscle glycogen re-synthesis—a crucial component of post-workout recovery.

The little box of goodness arrived just as I headed into my first hard week of training and I didn't waste any time testing it out.  I received the Tropical flavour.  I wasn't sure I'd be a fan but I was pleasantly surprised.  It tastes like a combo of mangoes and pineapples.  Delicious.

Typically my Thursdays are my really hard days.  I do a LOT.  There's usually a swim, followed by a short weight workout.  Then I go to work.  When I get home from work, there's usually a hard bike, followed by a hard run.  It's crazy.  Now I normally have Friday's off from any sort of training but, being an "older athlete" I do find that my recovery time isn't what it used to be.  Sometimes it can take me more than a couple of days before I feel ready to tackle another workout but, that isn't always an option.  I used this after my first really hard Thursday workout.  I woke up on the Friday with no soreness.  None.  I figured Saturday would be the real test.  My long ride was actually pretty good.  There was some residual fatigue in my legs but I'm chalking that up to the A.R.T treatment I had the day before.  By the second half of the ride, I bounced back nicely. 

To really put it to the test I brought it with me to Deerhurst for my Epic Training Weekend this past weekend.   This is what I had on tap for the weekend:

Friday:  swim & bike
Saturday:  3+ hour bike on the Muskoka 70.3 course, 30 minute run
Sunday:  20km long run
Monday:  50km bike with 3x10 tempo intervals, followed by a 10km run.

That's a LOT of hard work.  I used the Vega Recovery Accelerator after my Saturday workouts. I thought for sure I'd get up on Sunday feeling like I got hit by a truck.  I was a little stiff when I got up but once I got going, I had an amazing run.  My legs had bounced back quite nicely.  Of course when I got back from my long run, the first thing I did was have the recovery accelerator again.   Monday morning when I got up for my ride, my legs felt a little stiff.  When I got on the bike, they didn't feel great but as I got going, once again, they bounced back. 

I pushed myself pretty hard this past weekend and I can honestly say that I think the Vega Recovery Accelerator was what helped me to do so.  Vega is getting better and better in terms of the quality of the products that are available to athletes.  I'm actually going to try their Performance Protein next and you know that I'll be putting the Recovery Accelerator into my regular training rotation.  Because recovery is just as important as the training. 

How do you #FuelYourBetter ?


Jo-Anne Sheffield said...

Interesting. I'm going to try it. Right now I use the Vega Pre-workout as a Post-work recovery as I don't normally drink enough Pre-workout to get the benefits. Thanks and good luck with your hard Thursday tomorrow!

rojublake said...

I agree, this is also interesting and admire your trusted opinion that you found it beneficial PK.
The UK is saturated with these products, often expensive and unproven.
I used to use sport energy drinks but for the past 3 months I have been drinking various fruit barley squash pre, during and post race.